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The Six Figure Maker Mastermind

A 6-month group coaching program that teaches you how to grow your Etsy business to $100,000 or more by scaling your mindset, traffic, social media, and your time.


“While enrolled in this program I was able to more than double my on-Etsy (as well as off Etsy) revenue for my business. I learned to hold myself accountable for my goals and break them down into action steps to actually achieve them. Sarah encouraged me to set a goal in January for the year that felt unreachable, a number that got me excited. I actually reached this goal by the end of quarter 3!”

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To go full time on Etsy, you need to scale these 4 things:

Your belief in yourself and your business.

Your traffic.

Your time.

Your marketing.

But focusing on all four of these things at once and actually being consistent with them is something that most Etsy sellers seriously struggle with.

The Six Figure Maker Mastermind helps you manage all these pieces in a way that’s personalized for your business—and with my support along the way—so you can scale your revenue and go full time in your Etsy business.

Hey! I'm Sarah.

I'm a multi-six figure business owner in the top 1,800 Etsy shops worldwide who has made over $700,000 on Etsy.

I started my Etsy shop in 2016 because I wanted to make a little money to pay for some camera gear. But after making over $30,000 in 2017, I knew that Etsy could be a whole lot more than just a new camera.

In 2018, I struggled to scale my business because I was using the exact same strategies I had used the previous two years. Those strategies worked to get me consistent sales on Etsy, but they weren’t helping me grow to full time revenue.

So in 2019, I changed how I thought about my business. The actions I took that year helped me create my first six figure year on Etsy. And Etsy has continued to grow for me ever since.

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Top 0.1% of Etsy Shops

Sold over $700,000 on Etsy

Helped 1700+ students with Etsy

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Now I want to help you scale your Etsy shop too.

The Six Figure Maker Mastermind is for YOU if...

This program is exactly what you need to amplify your revenue, get super profitable, and scale your business simply and efficiently.

Students in the last round of the Six Figure Maker Mastermind GREW THEIR REVENUE on average by 581%...

Alyssa made more in the last 5 months of 2022 after we started working together than she did in ALL of 2021

Jenny made 80% of her revenue for 2022 during our time together starting in August of last year

Jane exceeded her revenue goal for 2022 by $50,000

Megan increased her revenue by 1311% in 2022

These are all revenue wins from the current round of the Six Figure Maker Mastermind where students increased their revenue by 15% – 1311% in 2022.

In this current market, growth in your product business is not guaranteed.

So give yourself the same advantage these Etsy sellers did and start 2023 with an Etsy expert to guide you through your best year ever in the Six Figure Maker Mastermind.

What students have to say...


“Today we hit a massive sales goal - a number I never would've imagined possible.”

“I just need to say thank you to this group. Today we hit a massive sales goal – a number I never would’ve imagined possible.

Before joining this group we were “stuck”. Hitting the same sales number over and over every month. Sarah encouraged me to join the group not just for her but for the community and I am so glad I took her advice.

Each month here our sales have grown. And while Sarah’s advice has been seriously life changing, the support and recommendations from everyone in the group have been just as influential. I absolutely love the community here.”


“Joining this coaching program was EXACTLY what I needed to: keep me focused, keep it simple, work on the RIGHT things...”

“Before I joined the Six Figure Maker Mastermind — I tried everything. I WAS STUCK. I’ve been trying to succeed for 5 years by myself.

Joining this coaching program was EXACTLY what I needed to: keep me focused, keep it simple, work on the RIGHT things, help me let go of all the rest, know and believe that my mindset is everything. ♥️

I’m so grateful I joined that I’ve decided to do another round — And I’m not the only one! But you’ve got to know that success and record breaking numbers don’t just happen. It’s a slow and steady climb that takes work, and action, and belief.”


“I have seen small changes made to listings that have more than covered the cost of the program within a week of implementing them.”

“The 6FMM is a must for anyone who wants to take their Etsy shop seriously and break the six figure barrier. Sarah has so much knowledge about the platform and is able to provide strategic coaching that isn’t designed to make you hustle harder.

While I’m not at the six figure mark yet, I have seen small changes made to listings that have more than covered the cost of the program within a week of implementing them. And I have a plan to get to the revenue that I need to go full time in my business in the near future.

Plus a group of amazing new friends who are going through exactly what I’m going through in my business. I highly recommend the six figure mastermind to take your shop to the next level.”

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What you get inside the mastermind...

The Course:

The Six Figure Maker Mastermind course is exclusively for Etsy sellers scaling to full-time revenue and beyond. We cover mindset, goal setting, advanced time management techniques, advanced marketing for Etsy, and how to keep up with the trends so you can avoid the plateau that happens if you don’t.

The One on One Session:

To start our time together, every member of the mastermind gets a 1:1 session with me during the month of February. One of the things that holds Etsy sellers back the most, is taking action too slowly. Slow action means missed holidays, skipped trends, and slow revenue growth. We’ll spend 45 minutes crafting a personalized plan for your business that you can start taking action on immediately.

The Weekly Group Coaching:​

Weekly Zoom sessions are where you come to get every single one of your Etsy questions answered. Ever wish you had a super successful Etsy seller to just sit down with each week for advice and business strategy? That’s what we do in our weekly group coaching sessions. You bring whatever you’re struggling with to our calls each week and we work together to help you build your dream business on Etsy with a revenue to match. We coach on everything in these sessions from products, pricing, product lines, SEO, shipping, social media, email marketing, and more.

The Private Student Community:

Our private student Facebook group is an incredibly helpful, positive, and inspiring community. I have this group for you for two reasons. First, you can get coached by me in this group every single day. So if you have a question you can post, get coached, and get back to implementing and taking action in your business. Two, being in a community of makers focused on growing on Etsy means everyone in this community understands what you’re struggling with. My students often make lifelong friends from this group.

This knowledge, support, and community ensures you keep taking actions that are proven to work for the way Etsy works as a platform.

You don’t have to struggle to “do it all” when focusing on just a few areas of your business will give you better results.

And that’s what the Six Figure Maker Mastermind is going to do for you.

Ready to join us?

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The Six Figure Maker Mastermind


$3,000 pay-in-full OR
6 payments of $500/month

Our goal is for you to start making a return on this investment as quickly as possible. So in your 1:1 session at the start of the mastermind, we’re going to create a plan for you to do that.

Earning your money back from this program can be super simple. I’ve had students make one change to one listing that has given them an ROI on their investment. So click below to schedule your application call. On that call, we’ll come up with a plan for you to create the revenue you want in 2023 together.


Six Figure Maker Mastermind Student Wins:

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Revenue wins are amazing and all (my students increased their revenue by anywhere from 15% - 1311% in 2022), but here’s some other wins they bragged about:

How do you want to feel about your business six months from now?

My students end their six months in this program with less stress and more rest because they’re focusing on the strategies that really work for Etsy.

You've got questions...

If you have an Etsy shop and you’re dreaming of making six figures or going full time, then this is for you! Even if it’s a goal that you’re scared to admit. If you’re ready to commit to learning and taking action every single week, then you’re in the right place. You don’t have to transform into a completely different person to make this much money on Etsy. You just need to take what is already working for you and make it work better. If that’s a plan that you’re excited about, then this program is for you.

I recommend that you’ve made $20,000 in your product business (on or off Etsy) prior to joining. But if you haven’t hit this goal yet and know this program is for you, I want you to apply now anyway. We’ll use your application call to make sure you’re a great fit.

Click the button to schedule an application call with me. We’ll hop on Zoom and talk about your shop, your goals, and what’s standing in your way of achieving them. Then we’ll answer any questions you have about the Six Figure Maker Mastermind. Even if we decide not to work together, you’ll walk away with a plan for creating your six figure Etsy shop that makes your next steps really clear and simple.

The mastermind will have 30 members. With the weekly sessions, there is plenty of time for questions each week from everyone. During the session on Zoom each week, you can “raise your hand” to take a turn in the hot seat. I encourage you to come to each session with a question prepared. Have a question outside of the group? Bring it the private student Facebook group to get coaching daily.

I’m a busy mom and understand that you don’t have 24 hours a day to work on your Etsy business. So let’s make the time you do have work better for you. You can plan on 1-2 hours per week for our group calls (replays are available for the weeks you have to miss). Reminder: Getting coached will save you at least 1-2 hours a week in time that you’re wasting on strategies and techniques that don’t work for Etsy sellers anyway. If you don’t think you have enough time for your business, getting help is even more important.

So many Etsy sellers want to go full time, but don’t realize that $30,000 – $40,000 in revenue isn’t going to cut it. You have supply costs, Etsy fees, shipping, and taxes to pay too! If you want to pay yourself a salary that makes you truly comfortable, then you’re going to need to do more than just replace your normal salary in revenue. You need to PROFIT. That’s what a six figure Etsy shop does for you.

It’s very important to me that we know this is the right program for you before you join. So please schedule a call with me to get all of your questions answered.

If you read this far…

Then you’re ready to make a ton of money on Etsy this year.
And you’re ready to do it simply.

The Six Figure Maker Mastermind is your next step to your full time, six figure Etsy business.

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