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7 Essential Strategies to Get More Traffic on Etsy

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Attracting customers to your Etsy shop is key to turning it into a successful, profitable business. In this guide, we’ll outline seven simple but effective strategies you can use to drive more traffic and get more eyes on your items.

Fill your Product Lines.

A product line is a group of similar products in your Etsy shop. Think about how buyers are searching for your products. They aren’t necessarily interchangeable, right? If I type a keyword like “social media planner” into the Etsy search bar, I’m not going to end up buying a meal planner instead. Those are two different product lines.

And the reason this matters is because Etsy sees you as more important for keywords that you have saturated in your shop with the right quantity of listings. If you have 50 earrings listed in your shop and 1 necklace, it’s going to be hard to get Etsy to test you for the necklace keywords because you’re telling them that you’re more important for earrings.

So if you want more traffic, quantity of listings matters. To make the fastest progress with your traffic, you’ll want to focus on one product line at a time.

Optimize your Listing SEO.

Search Engine Optimization on Etsy, or SEO, is how Etsy decides where your listings should rank in the searches that buyers are completing on the platform. Optimizing your keyword research and the formatting of your tags and titles is the best way to get consistent traffic on Etsy.

Use Ads to Promote Your Products.

If you have products that are already converting for you, running ads on Etsy can be really profitable. But remember, if your listings aren’t converting already then ads will only magnify the conversion rate issues you have.

Reach Out to Influencers, Bloggers, and Collaborators in Your Niche.

Getting in front of other someone else’s audience can be so effective in increasing your traffic quickly! Start with micro-influencers who would love to trade product for a post on social media. The key to making this work for you is to work with a lot of influencers at the beginning in order to find what types of audiences really respond to your products.

Build a Community of Followers Using Social Media.

Social media marketing will always be a great way to help people find you then get to know, like, and trust you. Plus Etsy loves when you send traffic to them!

Experiment with Sales and Coupons.

Offering a sale on Etsy can be a great way to attract buyers who are using the search filters to look for great deals. Before you use this tactic though, you need to make sure your profit margins are where they need to be. Don’t run sales just to get more revenue without any profit. That’s not sustainable and won’t help your business long term.

Use the Etsy Explore Feature.

If you have an iPhone, the Etsy Explore feature on the new, blue app is a great way to experiment with driving traffic and sales. You can repurpose video that you’ve used for other platforms to make this even easier. Don’t forget to tag your products so buyers can shop easily. Learn more about that from Etsy here.

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  1. Hi,

    I am an etsy seller getting alot of traffic to my shop but no sales. I have only had 1 sale for 2 years but nothing after that. I have great products. what could I be doing wrong?

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