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Sarah Waggoner

7 Etsy Seller Tips for Beginners

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You’ve started your Etsy shop, but aren’t quite getting the sales you want. Don’t worry! I have 7 tips for Etsy sellers here that are simple and effective!

Avoid Garage Sale Vibes

Look, I know this sounds harsh. But garage sale shops get garage sale results. What that means is a little bit of jewelry. A couple of t-shirts. A few of this and a little more of that.

Compare that to some of your favorite online businesses. They have full product lines in one or more niches. So pick one product line and really hone in on it.

Perfect your Photos

Your product photos are the first opportunity to help buyers know, like, and trust you. So don’t settle for “good enough” product photos. No blurry or dark images!

If you aren’t naturally good at taking photos of your products, there’s nothing to worry about! You can either outsource it or practice, practice, practice.

Get Found in Etsy Search

Etsy has millions and millions of buyers and the key to being successful is getting traffic from Etsy buyers completing searches on the platform. That means keyword research and formatting your tags and titles correctly for Etsy.

Make your Marketing Super Simple

You don’t have time to waste. So quit wasting your time on marketing that isn’t working for you. Pick one platform that you love and that’s effective for you. Then focus on growing and converting your audience there.

Cut your To Do List in Half

Most of what you do won’t be effective. So take that stuff off of your to do list. Instead you want to focus on what is working for you to get more sales.

Stop Shiny Object Syndrome

Most Etsy sellers don’t give their strategies enough time to work. You put a new strategy in place, go really hard with it for 2 weeks, then you starting thinking it’s not working, and move onto something else that you think will be bigger and better and easier.

But the truth is, that your first strategy didn’t “not work.” You just didn’t give it enough time to see if it was going to happen. So no more Shiny Object Syndrome. Pick a strategy and stick with it for at least 90 days.

Don’t Give Up

The only way you can fail on Etsy is by giving up. Etsy works. And it works for all different types of products and business models. But your path to success on Etsy probably won’t work exactly like you think it will. That’s just the joy of being a business owner.

What that means is if strategy number 1 doesn’t work…you have thousands of other ways to make it work for you. You can find a strategy that works, that’s simple, and that you enjoy.

If you want some help doing that, then I’m here for you. Check out my free masterclass that teaches you how to get daily sales on Etsy. See you there!


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