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Best Etsy Listing Photo Size

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Etsy made changes to their thumbnail ratios for listing images in 2023. Are your photos in your Etsy shop updated? Keep reading to learn more about the best Etsy listing photo size for your shop.

Photo Requirement Basics

There are a lot of factors that are more important than the size of your listing photos. Let’s start with the basics.

Listing images must be:

  • well light and not too dark

  • in focus

  • accurate in color

  • simple enough for buyers to immediately understand what you’re selling

If you don’t have those 4 factors in check, practice your photography skills before you spend a lot of time getting the listing sizes perfect as your product listings are going to benefit most from having professional-looking photos more than having them at the perfect size.

File Types

Etsy accepts JPG, GIF or PNG files for listing images. If you’re taking photos on an iPhone using the HEIC format, you’ll want to use an editing software to convert them to JPEGs before uploading to Etsy. Most photo editing apps will automatically export edited photos in this format.

File Size

The file size of your listing images should be 1 MB or less for faster uploading. To ensure files are small enough, export product photos from your editing software at 80% quality. The human eye can’t really tell the difference between that and 100% quality.

Photo Ratio

In the spring of 2023, Etsy started testing square listing image thumbnails and found that buyers preferred that ratio while shopping. So in the summer of 2023, they began transitioning shop home pages and search results to include thumbnail images with a square ratio.

This doesn’t mean your photos need to be square, however. You can use rectangular photos, just make sure the thumbnail cropping doesn’t cut off your product in search results pages.

Vertical images work best as the first photo for wide products and landscape images work best for tall products to ensure your product isn’t getting cut off.

Listing Photo Size

Etsy recommends photos are at least 2,000 pixels on the short side of your images. The final image should be at least 72 PPI. Click here to learn more about PPI.

PPI doesn’t necessarily affect how your image is displayed on Etsy, but helps to lower the file size to stay below 1 MB.

How to Resize Images

If you need to resize an image for your Etsy store, you can use photo editing software like Lightroom to edit the pixel dimensions.

If you need to crop your image to fit the square aspect ratio, you can use mobile editors as well like Snapseed or Lightroom Mobile.

Canva works as well, but you’ll want to be careful to maintain image quality when exporting so your listing photos don’t look blurry when a buyer gets to your listing and views the enlarged image.

You can also use Etsy’s crop tool to change the aspect ratio of your photos as shown below.

This tool is limited in that it won’t help you resize your photos but will let you change the crop (AKA aspect ratio).

How do I take good pictures for my Etsy listings?

Taking professional-looking listing product photography for your Etsy shop isn’t hard once you get your setup figured out.

Start with using soft, natural lighting to keep colors accurate and avoid harsh shadows.

You’ll also want to avoid busy backgrounds and too many props that make it hard for buyers to understand what you’re selling quickly.

Finally, use a variety of listing images to give buyers a good idea of what every aspect of your product looks like and how big it is. Great listing images will show the scale and all sides of your product.

Want more tips? Check out this blog post.


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