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Boost Your Etsy Shop’s SEO with These Long Tail Keyword Tips

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Are you struggling to get more traffic to your Etsy shop? It’s time to optimize your shop’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A big part of that SEO strategy is using long tail keywords, making it easier for potential buyers to find your products. In this article, we’ll share some top tips on how to boost your Etsy shop’s SEO with long tail keywords. Whether you’re a seasoned Etsy seller or just starting out, these tips will help you optimize your search engine rankings and drive more sales. So, let’s get started!

Understanding long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are 2-3+ word phrases that buyers use to search for products on Etsy. They are much more specific searches than single word, general keywords. Think something like “necklace with name and flower” vs. the word “necklace.” These keyword phrases generally have less searches each month, but actually help your shop in a number of ways.

Benefits of using long tail keywords for Etsy SEO

If these long tail keyword phrases on Etsy have less searches being done for them each month, why do you want to use them? There are three main benefits to using long tail keyword phrases. Let’s talk about them now.

The first is that while they are searched less often, they are much easier to rank for. In our example above, there are more than 7 million results for your competition for the word “necklace” on Etsy. While “necklace with name and flower” has less than 35,000 results. So while it may seem like you want to rank for the keyword that is being searched for the most, in reality it is incredibly difficult to rank (and maintain your ranking) for these super, super competitive keywords and you’re better off targeting more niche phrases with less volume.

The second benefit is that buyers using long tail keyword phrases are generally farther into the buying process and so these searches tend to have higher conversion rates. That means you do get found in searches, each visit is more likely to convert into a sale. Think about your buying process. You might head over to Etsy knowing you want to buy a necklace for your friend who just had a baby. So you type “necklace” into the search bar and see one that is personalized has a flower on it. But that flower isn’t quite what you wanted, so you go back to the search bar and type our more niche phrase into the search bar. The results you see when using the phrase “necklace with name and flower” on Etsy are much, much more likely to be exactly what you’re looking for as a buyer and you’re chances of purchasing are much higher.

The next benefit is that using long tail keyword phrases help you rank for the more general searches as well. When you type “necklace with name and flower” into the search bar, you’re also relevant for the word “necklace” and the phase “necklace with name.” Both of which have higher search volumes. Etsy wants to do their best to guarantee these searches become a sale. So they’ll show listings with higher conversion rates to buyers in order to help them find something they love. That means when you have a great conversion rate, Etsy is more likely to test you out for phrases that are more general too. Good conversion rates are much easier to get when you start with long tail keyword phrases.

Measuring the success of your long tail keyword strategy

After you start using long tail keyword phrases, you’ll want to make sure that they’re working for you. To do this, use your stats on Etsy. Track your overall visits from Etsy Search each month to make sure you get found by buyers more often.

You’ll also want to track the actual keywords that you’re being found for. Using your stats, watch for the long tail keyword phrases that you’re using to show up in your keyword list. You’ll also want to watch for the more general phrases to start showing up as well.

Final tips for Etsy SEO success

Etsy search engine optimization is, of course, more than just using long tail keywords. You’ll want to refine your keyword research process, perfect the formatting of your tags and titles, and craft item descriptions that tell Etsy you’re important for the keywords that you’re trying to rank for. To learn more about how to do that join us in my Etsy membership, The Seller Collective. You can learn more about my Etsy framework and how to join inside of The Seller Collective here.


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