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Can Etsy Sellers Block Buyers?

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Are you having trouble with a buyer on Etsy? You might be wondering if you can block them from viewing your shop altogether. Unfortunately, Etsy sellers can’t block a buyer from viewing or purchasing from your Etsy shop. But there are still ways to deal with buyers who you don’t want to do business with. Keep reading to learn more.

What the Block button does on Etsy

You might be confused after seeing the “Block this person” link at the bottom of a buyer’s profile on Etsy. You can see what this looks like below.

Unfortunately, this button doesn’t block a buyer from seeing and purchasing from your shop. It only stops them from following your profile.

How to stop a buyer from purchasing from your Etsy shop

If you’re looking for a way to keep a buyer from purchasing from your shop again, you have a few methods to try. None of them are perfect, but they’re worth a shot if you decide you no longer want to do business with someone.


The first method is the easiest. I recommend starting with some good, old communication. Simply ask the person to no longer purchase from your shop.

There are quite a few ways you can do this calmly, kindly, and professionally. While you may be upset or frustrated by the time you get to wanting to block someone, approaching them professionally will be much more likely to get you what you want.

You might say something along the lines of “Customer service is incredibly important to me and I don’t feel that I will be able to adequately provide you with what you’re looking for.” You can also wish them luck finding another seller on Etsy who will have what they need.

If you approach this without blaming the customer (even if you think they really are the problem), it generally goes over well.

Mark messages as spam

If this person isn’t purchasing from you, you can mark messages as spam to avoid them in your inbox. This won’t prevent someone from seeing your shop or buying your products though.

This is a great option if someone is spamming you or trying to sell you their services.

Cancel any orders placed

Your next option is to cancel any future orders a buyer places as they come in. This only works if you sell physical products though, as digital products can be downloaded while the order cancellation is processed.

While this isn’t always the easiest solution, it might be the most realistic if a buyer doesn’t stop purchasing after you ask them to.

Report a buyer to Etsy

If a buyer has been harassing you or if you need them blocked because of a safety issue, you’ll want to contact Etsy to report the buyer. Check out Etsy’s help article regarding this topic.

What to do about a bad review

If you received a bad review from a buyer, there are several ways you can deal with the review so it doesn’t affect your shop. Click here to learn what to do after getting a bad review on Etsy.


While Etsy sellers can’t block buyers on the platform, there are ways you can discourage shoppers from purchasing one of your products. If that doesn’t work, contact Etsy to report any harassment you may be experiencing.


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