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Can You Have Two Etsy Shops?

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If you have a successful store on Etsy, you might be wondering if you should open a second to attract new customers. So can you have two Etsy shops and does it make sense for your business? Keep reading to learn more about having more than one Etsy shop.

Does Etsy allow you to have two shops?

Yes, Etsy does allow you to have multiple shops on the platform. There is currently no limit to how many Etsy shops you can have. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Should you have multiple shops on Etsy?

There’s a lot to consider when deciding if you’re going to open a second Etsy shop. First, you’ll want to remember that a very small percentage of your customers ever see your shop home page.

That means the majority of your buyers don’t even know what products you’re selling besides the listing they searched for and found. So if you’re considering opening a second shop because you want to sell a new type of product, it might not be worth it for you.

Let’s talk a little more about the pros and cons of having multiple Etsy shops.


For sellers focused on branding and marketing, having two shops can make it easier when you’re selling greatly different products. For most Etsy sellers, however, who aren’t focused on a lot of marketing, it rarely matters to your branding in the long run.

The biggest pro to having multiple etsy shops is when you are selling a product that might offend part of your audience or if you’re selling products that may confuse your audience.

I’ve worked with students selling products for both religious customers and adult-themed products. This was a great example of how having two shops may benefit you as a seller. This particular student didn’t want to offend either side of her audience and separated the products into two different shops.

Another great example is when you’re selling both physical and digital products. This has the potential to confuse customers wishing to buy a physical product. I have, however, had plenty of students selling both physical and digital products in one shop without any buyer confusion. If this is you, you’ll want to take steps to stay on top of that by using your titles, photos, and listing descriptions to ensure buyers know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase.


While there are a few pros to having multiple Etsy shops, there are certainly a lot of cons as well.

First, having two shops is a lot more work especially if both shops are newer on the platform. You won’t get traffic until you get a full product line, so if you’re trying to work on your first product line for two shops at once, it tends to take sellers twice as long to get traffic and sales.

Even if you’re first stop is already established, starting a second shop means your new products will be slower to get sales. This is because your shop’s Listing Quality Score is part of the search algorithm on the platform. Your established shop has a history of sales, good customer service, and good reviews. It therefore has a positive listing quality score.

When you start a brand new shop, it has a neutral Listing Quality Score and doesn’t get a boost in search like an established shop does. That makes new listings slower to get traffic to.

Finally, the logistics of running multiple shops can also be a pain. You need separate Etsy accounts for each shop. So you need to log out of one account and into the other when you want to switch shops. Alternatively, you can set up separate browsers to work on each account. That makes it easier, but certainly is not as seamless as having all of your products in one account.

When to start a second shop on Etsy

I recommend starting a second Etsy account when you know you have enough free time to work consistently on two when you feel confident in the success of your first shop, and when one of these conditions apply:

  • you have products that may offend part of your audience and you want to avoid that (it’s also ok to decide you don’t care if you offend anyone and keep them together)

  • you have products that may confuse part of your audience

  • you have a very specific branding plan for both shops that can’t be combined

Remember though, that time is a huge consideration in this process. If you’re short on time, you won’t have time to run more than one shop at once.

What are the rules around opening a second shop?

Etsy does have some guidelines around having multiple shops to avoid search algorithm manipulation. Shops can’t have the same products and you must disclose all of your shops in each of your profiles on the platform.

Duplicate shops on Etsy aren’t allowed because it helps sellers get more listings on the first page of search results. Before this rule, sellers would create multiple Etsy shops with the exact same products and photos to avoid the part of the search algorithm that generally just lets you have one listing per page.

This was confusing for buyers and frustrating for other sellers.

How to open a second Etsy shop

To open a second Etsy account, log out of your current account and use a new email address to create a new Etsy account. You can then walk through the same shop setup process that you did when you started your first store.

Tips for running multiple Etsy shops

Running more than one shop at a time isn’t going to be easy no matter what you do. But there are some tips to make it easier.

Multiple browsers

Using a different internet browser for each shop can make transitioning from one to the other a lot easier. I recommend using Google Chrome and Firefox. This allows you to stay signed in within each browser to quickly get to each shop.

Schedule your time

The hardest part of running multiple Etsy shops is finding time to work on them all. Even if you are selling full-time on Etsy, it’s hard to take time away from an established Etsy shop to work on a new one that’s not getting traffic or earning revenue yet.

To make this easier, I recommend scheduling your time each week. Decide in advance how much time you want to commit to the new Etsy account and find a place in your schedule where you can regularly commit to showing up for that business.

If Friday afternoons are normally slow for your established business, dedicate those to the new one. Just make sure it’s something you can spend time on consistently.

Alternatives to opening a second shop on Etsy

If you don’t want to create multiple Etsy shops, you can easily sell different products in the same shop. Most buyers will never notice and it makes running your business day to day much easier. It’s difficult managing multiple Etsy shops because you need multiple Etsy accounts, multiple email addresses, multiple social media accounts, and more.

Plus, your new products will also get traffic quicker because your established shop has a positive listing quality score and sales history.


Have more questions about starting a second Etsy shop? Keep reading for more frequently asked questions.

Should I open a new shop or re-brand my old shop?

For most Etsy sellers, I recommend re-branding an old shop instead of opening a new Etsy account to take advantage of whatever previous sales history you had.

Can I use the same bank account?

Yes, you can use the same bank account for two different Etsy shops.

Can I use the same email address?

You will need a new email address to start a second Etsy shop. You can get a free Gmail address or use your Etsy shop name to get a URL and set up a custom email address.


It’s easier to manage and grow one Etsy shop at a time. There are some valid reasons for opening a second Etsy shop, though. If you have enough time to manage multiple Etsy shops, then it might be worth it for your business.

If you’re not sure if you want to commit to managing multiple shops, I recommend keeping your new products in your established shop on Etsy. You can always separate the products later if you want.


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