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Get personalized strategy with a VIP session.

Work with me 1:1 to get in depth, personalized strategy with the follow up you need to implement and grow your Etsy business efficiently.

“I was able to more than double my on-Etsy (as well as off Etsy) revenue for my business. I learned to hold myself accountable for my goals and break them down into action steps to actually achieve them. Sarah encouraged me to set a goal in January for the year that felt unreachable, a number that got me excited. I actually reached this goal by the end of quarter 3!”

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You want to grow on Etsy, and you want to do it simply. Join me for one on one Etsy coaching to:

Deep dive into your business strategy.

Create a focused plan for Etsy growth.

Learn how to make Etsy work for YOU.

Grow your business efficiently.

In our coaching sessions, you’ll get personalized strategy that works for you and your business so you can stop wasting time and start getting results.

Working with me one on one helps you manage all these pieces in a way that’s personalized for your business—and with my support along the way—so you can scale your revenue and reach your goals on Etsy.

Hey! I'm Sarah.

I'm a multi-six figure business owner in the top 1,800 Etsy shops worldwide who has made over $700,000 on Etsy.

I started my Etsy shop in 2016 because I wanted to make a little money to pay for some camera gear. But after making over $30,000 in 2017, I knew that Etsy could be a whole lot more than just a new camera.

In 2018, I struggled to scale my business because I was using the exact same strategies I had used the previous two years. Those strategies worked to get me consistent sales on Etsy, but they weren’t helping me grow to full time revenue.

So in 2019, I changed how I thought about my business. The actions I took that year helped me create my first six figure year on Etsy. And Etsy has continued to grow for me ever since.

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Top 0.1% of Etsy Shops

Sold over $700,000 on Etsy

Helped 1700+ students with Etsy

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Now I want to help you scale your Etsy shop too.

A VIP 1:1 coaching session is for YOU if...

A VIP session is exactly what you need to amplify your revenue, get super profitable, and scale your business simply and efficiently.

In the past 12 months, my students:

Have gone full time in their Etsy businesses

Created $20,000 months

Had $10,000 days

Launched new product lines to immediate sales

Increased revenue by 1300% in 6 months

Hired their first employees

and more!

These are all wins from my students in the last 12 months of my coaching programs.

Give yourself the same advantage these Etsy sellers did and go into the fourth quarter 2023 with an Etsy expert to guide you through your best year ever.

What you get...

Shop Assessment:

Knowing what to focus on first is half the battle. Before you schedule your first call with me, you’ll get a video shop critique that assesses your branding, photography, listings, SEO, and more. This assessment tells you exactly what to work on first in order to start making more sales efficiently.

VIP Session:

This 45 minute call is where you get to take your million questions and get personalized answers that create progress for your business. One of the things that holds Etsy sellers back the most, is taking action too slowly. Slow action means missed holidays, skipped trends, and slow revenue growth. We’ll spend 45 minutes crafting a personalized plan for your business that you can start taking action on immediately.

Follow Up:

After implementing for 30 days, you’ll get a bonus call to clarify any lingering questions.  I want to guarantee that you’re able to implement everything we talk about your in VIP session. During this 30 minute follow up call, you’ll get to clarify any lingering questions about your business plan.


You want as much strategy and support as possible, so in addition to our 1:1 sessions, you’ll also get 2 free months inside of my membership, The Seller Collective. This membership includes my full Etsy course, monthly group coaching, and a private student community.

This knowledge, support, and community ensures you keep taking actions that are proven to work for the way Etsy works as a platform.

You don’t have to struggle to “do it all” when focusing on just a few areas of your business will give you better results.

And that’s what this coaching is going to do for you.

Ready to save your spot?

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Your investment includes your shop assessment, VIP session, follow up call, and two months of access to the Seller Collective course and community.

Revenue wins are amazing and all (my students increased their revenue by anywhere from 15% - 1311% in 2022), but here’s some other wins they bragged about:

How do you want to feel about your business six months from now?

My students have less stress and more rest in their business because they’re focusing on the strategies that really work for Etsy.

You've got questions...

If you have an Etsy shop and you’re dreaming of making more money quickly, then this is for you! If you’re ready to commit to learning and taking action for the next 30 days, then you’re in the right place. 

I recommend that you open your Etsy shop prior to signing up for this one on one program. If you haven’t opened your shop yet, join the Seller Collective first to open up your shop.

After signing up for one on one coaching, you’ll get an email with links to schedule your shop assessment, VIP session, and follow up call.

I’m a busy mom and understand that you don’t have 24 hours a day to work on your Etsy business. So let’s make the time you do have work better for you. If you have a few hours a week to work on your business, we can make a strategy that helps you grow your revenue. Reminder: Getting coached will save you at least 1-2 hours a week in time that you’re wasting on strategies and techniques that don’t work for Etsy sellers anyway. If you don’t think you have enough time for your business, getting help is even more important.

If you read this far…

Then you’re ready to make a ton of money on Etsy this year.
And you’re ready to do it simply.

Expert guidance is your next step to your dream Etsy business.

Student wins:

My students are make hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars
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