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Do I Need a Business Email to Sell on Etsy?

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Ready to start an Etsy shop? You might be asking if you need a business email address to sell on the platform. While it’s not required, you might want one anyway. Learn more about using a professional email address on Etsy.

Benefits of a professional email address

While a business email address isn’t required to sell on Etsy, there are a handful of reasons why you might want to use one.

First, you look more professional to buyers after they purchase from your Etsy shop. If a buyer needs to contact you for any reason, a custom email address shows them they’re dealing with a business owner.

While you can avoid giving out your personal email address by creating a free account on Gmail using your shop name, it doesn’t look professional.

A custom email address will also be required for you to start an email list for your Etsy store.

Email marketing is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to increase sales and your return customer rate. You can start an email list for free through most email service providers but will need a custom email address to send emails to your subscribers.

Cons of a professional email address

While it’s not expensive to get a custom email address, there is a cost associated with it. Currently, you can sign up for Google Workspace for only $6 a month. Click here to learn more.

How to start an email list

I have never spoken to an Etsy seller who regrets starting their email list too early. I wish I had started mine years before I did. As you get more traffic, your email list will grow quicker. But you need to set it up now to take advantage of that growth period.

After you decide on an email service provider, to start your email list, you will want an incentive for buyers to sign up. You can use a freebie or a coupon for a potential buyer’s first order. Also consider offering free shipping for their first order if you don’t already.

Put a link to sign up for that incentive in your listings and create an automation in your email service provider that automatically sends them whatever they signed up for.

That’s it! It doesn’t have to be complicated.

What not to do

While setting up your email list can be easy, there are some things that you want to avoid. First, it’s illegal to add people to your email list without their permission. You cannot take your buyers’ email addresses from previous orders and add them to your list.

When those buyers purchased on Etsy, they gave Etsy permission to use their email address. They did not opt into your list, however. Keep your business legal by giving buyers a chance to opt in. Don’t add them without permission.

You also want to avoid being boring. Look, I know that sounds funny, but when’s the last time you were really excited when someone looked at you and said, “Do you want to join my newsletter?”

Never, right?

Put some personality into your email marketing! You’ll find it much easier to connect with your target market if you show them who you are.

What to say to your subscribers

Once you’ve started your email list, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by what to say to your subscribers but I encourage you to keep it simple.

Here are 10 content ideas for your next email campaign:

  • Share order deadlines for an upcoming holiday

  • Give 5 tips for caring for your products

  • Update subscribers on trends in your niche and how your products fit those trends

  • Share your best-selling product on Etsy and run a secret sale for subscribers only

  • Share somewhere you’ve been featured recently

  • Share your favorite Etsy shops and collaborate with them so they share your shop on their email list too

  • Share a new review from one of your customers

  • Tell the story of how you started your business

  • Share where they can find your products locally

  • Ask subscribers to follow you on social media and share a recent post

How to make sure your emails get delivered

There have been some recent changes by Google that you’ll want to pay attention to to help your email deliverability.

Click here to read more about the changes that went into effect in February 2024.

You’ll want to manage your email domain to update your DNS settings. Don’t worry! It’s easier than it sounds and most email platforms give you clear instructions.

You can see what Mailerlite says here. Click here to get instructions for Mailchimp.

Best email subject lines for Etsy sellers

Your goal when creating a subject line should be to intrigue buyers enough to open what you’ve sent them.

Try some of these:

  • Your Ultimate Guide to (insert your niche here)

  • Don’t miss this

  • Special Gift Inside

  • Inspired by you

  • They’re back

  • Unveil the secret to (insert niche idea here)

Need more ideas? Pick a business or two and sign up for their email lists to get inspiration!


An email list is an efficient way for a small business to get more sales. Let customers opt into your list to increase your Etsy shop sales and return customer rate. Just don’t forget to stay consistent!

Want my help starting an email list for your Etsy business? Click here to join the Seller Collective. This monthly membership gives you instant access to my Etsy course that walks you through starting and growing your email list.


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