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Sarah Waggoner

Do you need social media as a full-time Etsy seller?

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I get that not every Etsy shop owner loves hanging out on social media platforms all day, every day. I don’t either! So I built my full-time Etsy business without relying on social media for sales. It is possible to make a ton of revenue without a ton of social media marketing. Let me tell you how.

Etsy SEO

If you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort on any social media platform to promote your Etsy store, you will want to prioritize getting organic traffic from Etsy search results.

You will need to find relevant keywords through your keyword research process and then optimize your product titles and product lines to rank for those keywords.

This can send highly targeted traffic to your listings in the form of buyers who specifically came to Etsy to make a purchase. That is one of the reasons why your SEO can be so effective. Unlike social media users, buyers coming to Etsy are intending to make a purchase. If you can get found by those buyers, you can significantly boost your sales without any additional marketing.

Then you can identify high-performing keywords and capitalize on them by creating new listings to rank for similar keywords.

Whether you sell digital products or physical products, you can create a full-time income solely with Etsy SEO.

Want to learn more about what type of digital products you can sell in your Etsy shop? Click here.

Etsy Ads

After you perfect your search engine optimization, Etsy ads can speed up your revenue growth by capitalizing on what’s already working for you with buyers. Etsy ads can be very cost-effective as long as your Etsy SEO is dialed in.

If it’s not, however, you will be wasting a lot of money on keywords that aren’t right for your particular listings.

Email Marketing

While email marketing can sound a little intimidating for a lot of Etsy sellers, it’s an easy and effective way to increase sales, build a strong brand identity, and improve your return customer rate. Starting your email list can be completely free on many email service provider platforms, so don’t delay growing your email list due to a lack of sales.


Many sellers think of Pinterest as a social media platform, but it’s actually a search engine. Many of the aspects of social media that you dislike aren’t a problem on Pinterest. There is little to no buyer interaction, no need to make consent constantly, and no need to put your face or your voice out there daily.

There are downsides, however. Pinterest can often be much slower to see results on as a platform compared to many social media platforms.

Using Social Selectively

Even the most resistant social media users can usually create a plan that’s easy to be consistent with and still effective.

Like creating connections? Use Instagram to build an influencer network.

Like interacting with your customers? Creating engaging posts that help you start conversations with them.

Enjoy being creative? Find TikTok or Reels trends that you can apply to your business and have fun creating.

Whatever strategy you pick, have fun, be consistent, and show your personality to your followers to help them get to know, like, and trust you.


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