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Does your Etsy description affect SEO?

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Search engine optimization on Etsy can feel a little complicated sometimes. The algorithm has a lot of different factors working together to determine where your listings will show up in the search results. So does your Etsy description affect the SEO algorithm? Let’s talk about it!

Understanding Etsy SEO

The Etsy search algorithm uses a variety of factors to determine where you where you should be ranking. Some of these factors you can control (like your tags, titles, and yes, your descriptions) and some you can’t (past sales history, reviews, etc).

Your listings will move up and down in the algorithm over time depending on how well they’re performing for certain keywords. Remember: Etsy wants these searches to result in a sale because they make money when you make money. So listings with a high conversion rate will be more likely to rank for my keyword phrases.

How Etsy Descriptions Affect SEO

Just because your listing description is a factor in the Etsy SEO algorithm, doesn’t mean you want to keyword stuff your entire description. Only the first few sentences of each listing description are factored into the algorithm. So adding a bunch of random keywords throughout won’t help you rank for more keywords.

Best Practices for Etsy Descriptions

Because only a small portion of your description is relevant in the search algorithm, you want to make sure to that you’re optimizing the first few sentences with your most important keywords. Then you want to focus on using the rest of your description to help your listing convert.

Let’s discuss some best practices to optimize your listings effectively:

  1. Include all relevant information: If your buyers needs to know something before they purchase, you need to include it in your description. If buyers have to contact you to ask questions, you’re less likely to make the sale.
  2. Make your descriptions very easy to skim: Buyers don’t read and you aren’t going to change that. Make sure your listings are really easy to skim so buyers can quickly get the information they need and move onto the next step.
  3. Don’t make your descriptions too long…or too short: Too short and your buyers won’t have all the info they need to purchase. Too long and they won’t read any of it because it looks daunting. Strike a balance by including all relevant information in a concise manner.
  4. Don’t link to your social media accounts: You want people to buy? Then don’t ask them to follow you on social prior to purchasing. They’ll be just as likely to get distracted on Instagram than they would be to come back and actually make that purchase from you.

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