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Does Etsy Use Your Description for SEO?

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Etsy SEO or search engine optimization is important for getting organic traffic and sales on the platform. But there’s a lot of bad SEO information out there. So does Etsy use your description for SEO? Let’s learn more.

Is your description important for Etsy SEO?

Your description is a factor in the Etsy search algorithm as of spring 2022. But it’s important to remember that it’s not the entire description.

Only the first few sentences are used in the Etsy algorithm, however. We haven’t been given a specific character limit, so you’ll want to keep important keywords near the top.

What else is included in the Etsy search algorithm?

The Etsy search algorithm includes a ton of factors. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Query Matching: This focuses on how well your keywords match the search phrase that your buyer used. Focus on keyword research to make the most of query matching.
  • Listing Quality Score: Your listing quality score tells Etsy how happy your customers are and includes your sales history, conversion rate, and review score.
  • Recency: Recency is how new your listing is. This is a much smaller part of the algorithm than it used to be, so don’t stress about older listings!
  • Shop Location: Etsy has noticed that buyers want to shop locally. So your shop location is used when you live in search countries.

Click here to learn more about each of these factors.

While many people will tell you that Google does use the whole description for their algorithm, it’s getting harder and harder to rank individual listings on the platform. If you’re going to put all of that work into getting found on Google, you’re much better off working on your own website instead.

SEO dos and don’ts

There are some basic rules to Etsy SEO that you need to know before you start optimizing your listings.


  • Use long-tail keywords with lower competition to make getting traffic easier
  • Use all 13 of your tags to maximize your chances of getting found in search
  • Change your keywords seasonally to take advantage of upcoming holidays


  • Be impatient. It takes 60-90 days to know if your changes have been effective
  • Change your keywords too often
  • Waste keyword space on phrases that buyers aren’t searching for like artwork titles, etc
  • Change all of your listings all at once. You can tank your traffic by changing too much at one time

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a big enough “Don’t” for Etsy SEO that it deserves it’s own section.

You may see advice telling you to copy and paste your title for an Etsy listing into your description to help with your SEO. Unfortunately, that’s a bad idea for a few reasons.

First, doing this is seen by search engines as spam and can actually hurt your rankings on Etsy.

Second, let’s consider buyer behavior. On Etsy, buyers will often only see the first few words of the description with a button to “read more” that needs to be clicked to expand the description. If your potential buyer only sees a bunch of nonsense keywords, they’re less likely to click on that button to read the whole description.

That means they’ll be missing out on a lot of valuable information that you’ve put into the description and they’ll be less likely to convert into a sale.

Avoid being spammy and use keywords naturally in your description to keep buyers AND the search algorithm happy.


Your description is a part of the Etsy search algorithm, but only the first couple of sentences. Keep important keywords in the first sentence or two but avoid keyword stuffing to make the most out of your Etsy SEO.


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