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Does Renewing Etsy Listings Help Sales?

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It seems too good to be true, right? Just renew a listing a few times to get more visibility and more sales on Etsy? So you’re probably wondering if renewing Etsy listings helps sales? Unfortunately, even Etsy themselves says this isn’t a viable long-term strategy to increase traffic. Let’s talk about why.

The Etsy Algorithm

A long time ago, recency, or how recently an item was listed or renewed on Etsy, used to be a large part of the algorithm. At that time, renewing listings helped you get seen more in Etsy search and get more sales. So you could renew listings frequently and get a boost for cheap.

Now, however, Etsy’s algorithm is based more on relevancy, or how relevant a listing is to the phrase that a buyer used to searched on the platform. Recency is such a small portion of the algorithm that paying even a small amount to “boost” a listing is no longer worth the investment.

How to increase your Etsy sales

So if renewing listing doesn’t help your sales on Etsy, what does? There are three major areas that you need to focus on to start getting more organic traffic and sales: product lines, SEO, and marketing.

Product Lines

Your product lines are groups of similar products in your Etsy shop. Think of these as products that might be interchangeable to your buyers when searching in your store. If a buyer finds your listing by typing “shirt for mom,” they aren’t going to buy a shirt that’s for anybody else, right? So shirts for mom is a product line.

Saturated product lines help you get found on Etsy because Etsy sees you as more important for those particular keywords when you have multiple listings for them.


Your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, on Etsy is how Etsy uses your listing data to decide where you should rank in buyers searches. While there is a lot of factor in this algorithm, your tags, titles, and descriptions are what you have the most control over. It’s important to pick keywords that your buyers are using and format them correctly in your listings.


Think of the traffic that you send to Etsy from your own marketing as a bonus, especially if that traffic converts into a sale.

While you have a ton of options for marketing your business, I recommend keeping it simple so you can stay consistent and build a community that loves you and everything you make.

You can even use your Share and Save link to save money and get reimbursed for some of your Etsy fees on the sales you make.

So does renewing Etsy listings help sales?

While it’s a cheap way to experiment with getting more traffic, renewing listings no longer works to increase your visibility on the platform. Instead, focus on product lines, SEO, and marketing to increase sales.

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