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Sarah Waggoner

Email List Building Secrets for Etsy Sellers

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If you’ve ever spent any time researching marketing strategies for your Etsy shop, someone has told you to start an email list. I get why you haven’t rushed into it though. It seems overwhelming to set up. How do you even build an email list from Etsy? Then what do you even say to your subscribers once they start rolling in? In this guide, I’ll cover how to legally start an email list for your Etsy shop.

Can you use your Etsy buyers email addresses?

It seems like it might be easy to take all of your previous buyers email addresses and just add them to your list, but unfortunately this isn’t legal. When customers purchase on Etsy they are signing up for Etsy’s email list, not yours. Because you don’t have permission to market to them, you can’t add them to your list.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get them to opt in to your list though! We’ll talk about that in just a minute.

The importance of email list building for Etsy sellers

Why does it even matter if you have an email list? Building an email list of your Etsy customers helps you increase your return customer rate. It also ensures that if something would happen to your Etsy account and you’d get shut down for any reason, that you would have a way to legally market to your previous customers.

Strategies for capturing email addresses legally

Now that we’ve established the importance of email list building for Etsy sellers, let’s explore some strategies for capturing email addresses legally. You have opportunities to collect email opt-ins both before and after the sale on Etsy.

Before you convert your buyers, you can offer an opt in designed to grab email addresses and increase your conversion rate. The most popular option is creating a coupon opt in for a buyers first purchase. This is an easy and effective strategy for growing your email list quickly.

You can also get opt ins after the purchase by add your sign up link in your post-purchase message directly on the Etsy platform. I also love to use a system like CraftKit to give my buyers even more opportunities to join.

Need more help starting your email list? Check out this podcast episode. If you’re ready for me to walk you through exactly how to start and grow your list, you’re going to want to join us in The Seller Collective. Take my free masterclass here to learn more about it.


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