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Sarah Waggoner

What to talk about on Social Media for your Etsy shop this month

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We are officially in black Friday month.  I want to make sure that you are taking advantage of every single sale you can get this month and that you’re having your best holiday season ever on Etsy. So let’s chat about how you can use your social media following to your advantage in the month of november. Here are The top five things that you can talk about all day everyday on your social media for your Etsy shop this month 

1 – Product Shortages

A lot of you have probably seen the news that shipping ports are so backed up right now that even the big retailers are trying to educate their buyers on the fact that there are going to be shortages on things like toys and items that people might want to buy for the holidays. So I want you to be able to take advantage of what’s happening and encourage your buyers to shop early. Whether you have the shortages on your raw goods or not you can still talk to buyers about buying early to avoid running out of stock on your most popular items.

2 – Shipping Delays.

A lot of buyers last year got burnt by USPS and the massive amount of shipping delays that we saw last year and many of them are going to remember that and want to try to avoid that.  So again, encourage your buyers to shop early in order to avoid those delays. USPS has already increased their shipping estimates and I am very sure we’re going to see more delays as December approaches. So consistently encourage your buyers to shop early in order to avoid those issues that so many of us experienced last year

3 – Shopping small

The third thing I want you to chat a lot about with your followers this year is shopping small and what that means to you as a small business owner.  Etsy has taken a survey this year that shows that buyers are looking for sentimental gift-giving for this holiday season and one way that you as an Etsy seller can help them with that is by reminding them to shop small and support small business.   Buyers like to know that their hard-earned money is going to a small business owner who’s supporting their family, paying for dance lessons for their child, or putting food on the table.   So encourage your buyers to shop small, not just from your business but from other complementary businesses as well.  This is a great time of year to get together with a group of complementary sellers and focus on sending out holiday gift guides that incorporate all small shops through social media, blogs, or emails.

4 – How to easily gift your products

The fourth thing we’re going to chat about today is how to easily gift your products. Look, we are all really busy and overwhelmed during the holiday season and if you can make life easier for your buyers then they are going to be more likely to shop with you and your conversion rate is going to be higher. I have a few product bundles this year that include free gift-wrapping. I take a photo of that gift wrapping and show it in my listing photos and draw attention to the fact that this particular bundle includes a gift wrapping and that they can include a gift message and ship their item directly to their buyer to make life is easy as possible.  Remind your followers that you can save them time and stress.

5 – What happens after they order

The final thing that I want you to talk about a lot this season is what happens after your buyer orders. This includes things like your current processing time, which is very important as we are moving towards holiday order deadlines.   So communicating with them on social media about how long your order is going to take, how long the actual shipping time is estimated to be, and how they can best contact you if they have questions or concerns regarding their order.   That way if you do get an order that is delayed, your buyers know that you are on top of it, they know how to contact you, and they know that you are trying to help them as much as possible.

So there are my top five things to talk with your buyers about on social media for the month of November. If this was really helpful for you, I want you to join us in JumpStart. This is my marketing training that teaches you how to get a sale on Etsy in seven days through your marketing efforts like social media.   As a bonus that guide also includes a private student podcast that is published every single week and tells you exactly what to talk about on social media for the following week, so you never run out of ideas of things to say to your audience. So you can stay top-of-mind and be consistent in a really easy way for them. I’ll see you there!



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