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Sarah Waggoner

Etsy Facebook Groups to Start with

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I’ve been selling on Etsy for almost 10 years and learned very quickly that Etsy seller Facebook groups can be a huge mess of misinformation and arguing. And you never know if the person giving you advice has zero sales on Etsy or thousands. So let me share my absolute favorite Etsy Facebook groups with you.

Etsy Facebook Group Strategy

First, let’s talk strategy because there is a right way and a wrong way to use Etsy seller Facebook groups. You do not want to use these groups for marketing and promotion. Etsy Facebooks groups are full of sellers who are not in your target market. So creating posts to market your shop in these groups is at best a waste of time. At worst, you are sending some traffic to your Etsy shop that is not interested in your product beyond learning if they can make it themselves. This lowers your conversion rate and that means you’ll appear in less searches on Etsy.

The way to use these Facebook groups is to learn and make connections. Keep reading to find out more.

Etsy Seller Help and Support

Etsy Seller Help and Support is my Facebook group for Etsy sellers. I started it a few years ago because I was seeing so much bad information and advice in other groups from sellers with no sales or marketers who didn’t even have an Etsy shop. Not to mention all the spa!

In my Facebook group, all posts are approve and answered by me! I’m a full time Etsy seller in the top 2,000 Etsy shops worldwide who has coached hundreds of sellers to grow their shops. So there is no bad advice and no spam!

Join us here.

Photographers and Small Shops Collab

This group is an amazing resources for connecting with photographers to get product photos in exchange for your products. If your photography skills are the greatest or you want some lifestyle photos for a bestseller this is the place to go! Join here.

Local Maker Groups

These groups, again, are not for advertising, but finding local makers is a great way to hear local news about events for your area or even to destash supplies. Search for your city or state name and makers, Etsy, or craft for keywords.

Groups for your Specific Craft

We can all use some additional skills in our craft! I’m in some Cameo Silhouette groups for when I need advice on my machine, but there are Facebook groups out there for every niche. Join a few for troubleshooting and inspiration.

The Product Boss

Need some off Etsy advice? Here’s the place to go. The Product Boss coaches on Shopify, Amazon, wholesale, and all things off Etsy. I recommend you get your Etsy shop profitable before you start exploring other platforms, because Etsy is the easiest and quickest platform to grow on. But this is the group to go to when you’re ready.

Want to learn more about my Facebook group strategy? You’re ready to join us in JumpStart here.



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