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Etsy Fee Calculator (2024)

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If you’re selling on Etsy in 2024, you might be worried about the fees they charge. It’s something you should understand so you know how profitable each sale will be, but don’t worry. Etsy fees are easy to understand. Keep reading for a summary of each fee, then check out my Etsy fee calculator here for personalized fee totals for your products.

What Fees Does Etsy Charge

Etsy charges a handful of fees that add up to about 10% of each sale. Here are the fees you will for sure be charged on each sale:

  • Listing fee
  • Transaction fee
  • Payment processing fee
  • Shipping fees

You might also be charged an ads fees, a currency conversion fee, or a subscription fee. Let’s cover each fee type in the next few sections.

Etsy Listing Fees

Your listing fee is $0.20 per listing. This lasts for 4 months or until a listing is sold. If you sell multiple items from one listing in a sale, you will be charged the listing fee per product. This is billed as a multi-quantity fee.

You can set listings to automatically renew after the original listing fee expires at 4 months. This will be charged as an auto-renewal fee on your bill.

Etsy Transaction Fees

Your transaction fee on Etsy is currently 6% of each total sale price. This includes the shipping cost.

Etsy Payment Processing Fees

The payment processing fee for sellers using Etsy payments in the US is currently 2.9% plus $0.25. Sellers from other countries that also utilize Etsy payments can be charged differently. Click here to see the payment processing fee charge for your country.

Shipping Fees

You will be charged both the transaction fee and the payment processing fee on the shipping charges from each order. This fee is charged whether you use Etsy shipping labels or purchase from a third party like PirateShip or directly from USPS.

This started in 2018 because Etsy was encouraging sellers to offer free shipping on listings. Before 2018, many Etsy sellers were charging high shipping fees with lower product prices to avoid fees.

Now fees are charged equally whether you are offering free shipping to buyers or not.

Etsy Ads

Etsy ads are an optional charge the platform for most shops. There are two types of ads you can utilize. If you want to learn more about Etsy ads, visit this blog post.

Onsite Ads

Etsy onsite ads, previously known at promoted listings, are always optional. These ads show up when a buyer completes a search on the platform alongside listings that are showing up organically.

You are charged when a buyer clicks on an ad. The cost varies by search term. Learn more about these ads here.

Offsite Ads

Offsite ads are optional for sellers who have made less than $10,000 in the last 12 months on Etsy. The Etsy offsite ads fee is 15% of your total sale price, but you are only charged when you make a sale attributed to an offsite ad.

Sellers making more than $10,000 in 12 months must participate, but the fee is lowered to 12%.

Offsite ads will make up a small percentage of sales for most Etsy store owners. Click here to learn more about making them work for your business.

Subscription Fees

Etsy has an optional subscription fee for a service known as Etsy Plus. Etsy Plus offers benefits like shop customizations, listing credits, and advertising credits. Click here to learn more about the service.

How to Calculate Etsy Fees

When pricing your products, you should take Etsy seller fees into account.

For an up-to-date Etsy fee calculator for 2024, click here. You can use this to calculate the Etsy fees based on your product’s sale price.

Then you will want to increase the price of each item you make to account for these fees.

How to Make Etsy Profitable

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking Etsy can’t be worth it because of the platform fees. Etsy’s fees are very reasonable for a marketplace with 95 million buyers annually.

With that many buyers, there is always someone searching for what you make, which can make getting traffic easy. Here’s how to make your store profitable despite Etsy fees:

  1. Get organic traffic through full product lines and optimized SEO.
  2. Only use Etsy ads when you have listings that you know will be profitable
  3. If you’re offering free shipping, increase the price of your listings to account for the shipping costs and fees
  4. Increase your return customer rate to improve your shop stats and listing quality score. This will move you up in Etsy search results organically.
  5. Your Etsy shop is a business. Act like a CEO by planning for seasonal search spikes and taking advantage of entire search seasons.
  6. Focus on your best sellers. Going deeper into your product lines increases profit and makes your work time more efficient.
  7. Keep the buyer’s shipping cost low for each sale to increase your conversion rate and avoid cart abandonment

Want a real-life example of Etsy fees in action? To use the Etsy fee calculator, click here. It’s easy to use! Just enter your sale price and watch the math in action!


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