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Sarah Waggoner

Etsy Goal Setting: Breaking your goals into actionable steps

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It’s really easy to set a goal on Etsy, but breaking that goal down into actionable steps that are simple to complete is important when it comes to actually achieving those goals. Let’s talk about how to reach any goal on Etsy with just a few steps.

1. Define Your Etsy Goals Clearly

Setting a goal that’s just “Get more sales on Etsy” is so vague that you can’t create a strategy around it. So make sure your goals are very specifically defined. I recommend setting a revenue goal instead of a sales goal so your stats are skewed by large orders that require a lot of work.

2. Identify Key Areas of Focus

Once you’ve established your goals, identify the key areas of your Etsy business that will help you reach those goals. If you’re not getting a lot of organic traffic on Etsy for example, that will help you reach your revenue goal a lot quicker than trying to build up your social media platforms from scratch. This step is especially important if your time is limited.

3. Break Down Goals into Smaller Tasks

Now we want to take those areas of focus and break them down into smaller, actionable tasks. For example, “Improve my SEO” might become these tasks:

  • Research keywords for my niche to create a list of 10 focus keywords to target
  • Analyze my shop statistics to see how I’m currently ranking for those keywords
  • Learn how to format my listing tags, titles, and description
  • Create a plan to fill my product line in order to rank for those keywords

4. Create a Timeline

Assign realistic timelines to each task. It’s important to remember that being consistent is important. So make sure to plan for how much time you actually have each week in order to avoid overworking and burning out. Listen to this podcast episode to learn more.

5. Get Help to Speed the Process Up

Your goals are easier when you combine strategy, support, and accountability. So after you’ve set your goals, join me in the Seller Collective to get the strategy and accountability you need to be consistent and grow your business.


2 Responses

  1. hello Sarah, I’m kesha I have a shop on Etsy called KeshasGoods

    I’m recently noticed that I have huge numbers on views and direct traffic but no sales except for one sale so far… it’s becoming frustrating to see direct traffic but not sales… I think my creative style sets me apart from others I’ve seen designing wise I’m very passionate about whatever I’m doing and this is no exception I have over 50 products in my shop already and it’s bold and inspiring
    I’m unsure why I’m not pulling weight in sales… I can understand that I’m just starting out and slow and steady the Race but the math isn’t mathing…!! I also feel guilty on the production prices and I’ve dropped my profit in half before I publish a product because the product sales seems very expensive for a customer to buy… I know that’s a downside but I’m a fair person and I just want the best experience for myself and other’s… any advice? would you have time to check out my shop? also I even made me a personal link instead of using Etsy I figured people can locate my shop easily I’ve researched a lot and I’ve taken notes but it seems im falling short….

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