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What is Etsy Marketing and SEO?

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There can be a lot of confusion around your Etsy stats and what they mean. Learn more about what the Etsy Marketing and SEO category includes.

What is Etsy Marketing and SEO?

Despite it’s name, the Etsy Marketing and SEO category in your Etsy stats does not tell you anything about your listing SEO.

Instead, it’s how Etsy uses their own SEO to rank for searches on Google and other search engines. You can see Etsy’s description below.

What this looks like when you’re on a search engine like Google, is often an Etsy Marketplace page. You can see when I search for “Handmade Vase” on Google, an Etsy Market page shows up first in search results.

Here’s the URL linked to that search.

Market pages on Etsy aren’t like normal search page results. Instead, they’re curated.

How is Etsy Marketing and SEO different from Etsy Search?

Etsy search, on the other hand, includes results from your own listing SEO. That’s how you use your tags, titles, and descriptions to get found when buyers search the platform.

How do I increase my SEO traffic on Etsy?

Etsy SEO includes several factors.

Start with good keyword research that helps you identify keywords that your buyers are using to search for products on Etsy. These keywords may be different than how you would describe your product, so this stage is very important.

Next, you want to consider your listing formatting to show Etsy that you are important for the keywords that you want to rank for. This mostly comes from formatting your tags and titles.

Finally, make sure to have full product lines around the keywords that you want to rank for to saturate those keywords in your shop.

Learn more about the Etsy SEO process here.

How long does it take for SEO to start working on Etsy?

After you optimize a listing, it can take up to 90 days for Etsy to decide where your shop is going to rank. So it is important not to change your keywords too often. Instead, you can add new listings to help your Etsy search rankings.


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