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Etsy Pattern Fees: Is it worth it?

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Etsy Pattern is an easy way to have a website with a quick setup and low fees. But is it worth it for handmade sellers? Let’s explore the pros and cons of paying for Etsy Pattern for your business.

Is Pattern the same thing as Etsy?

Let’s start with what Etsy Pattern does for you. A Pattern site allows you to have your own website with a domain that is independent from your Etsy shop link.

It gets you out of the Etsy ecosystem, away from the competition, and lets you have an online store that is customizable and branded.

How does Pattern work with Etsy?

The draw of using Pattern for your ecommerce store is that it is incredibly easy to set up.

Opening your own site through Shopify or a similar platform can take weeks to design, set up, and list products. Etsy Pattern, however, takes your existing Etsy listings and puts them on your site in minutes.

Customers then go to a custom domain to purchase from you. To the customer, it won’t look like they’re purchasing from an Etsy store, but it allows you to easily accept payments through the Etsy Payments system.

How much does Pattern by Etsy cost?

Etsy gives sellers a free trial period of 30 days to test out Pattern and see if it’s for you. After that, you’ll pay $15 per month for your pattern subscription.

You will incur some charges at setup including a domain registration fee. This will vary by domain, with some being more expensive than others. You can also pay $3 for domain privacy, which is highly recommended to avoid your personal information being published on domain databases.

You are not charged a listing fee or a transaction fee through your Pattern site when using Etsy payments.

You are charged a payment processing fee on each sale, as Pattern sites use Etsy payments for buyer checkouts. This also means you’ll be charged a currency conversion fee if applicable.

Pros of Etsy Pattern

There are a large number of pros to using Pattern by Etsy for your website.

Because Pattern connects to your existing Etsy store, the setup for your website is very quick and easy. You are able to create new listings that are just for your Pattern site if you don’t want to offer them to Etsy customers or if they aren’t allowed on Etsy.

The fees for Etsy Pattern are low compared to having your website through Shopify which starts at a $30 monthly fee.

Using Etsy payments through Pattern is inexpensive because you aren’t paying transaction fees on each sale. You are charged a payment processing fee, but these are comparable to the payment processing fees charged on Shopify and other platforms.

Cons of Etsy Pattern

While Pattern is easy to use and cheaper than other ecommerce platforms, there are a handful of cons you’ll want to consider before committing to another monthly fee.

First, what makes a Pattern site easy is that it’s connected to Etsy. But that’s also a liability. Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”? That applies here. If your Etsy shop is ever shut down for any reason, that applies to your entire Etsy account and your Pattern site will be shut down as well.

This will not affect most sellers because shutdowns like this are rare, but it is something to consider.

A Pattern site doesn’t have nearly as many customization options as other ecommerce platforms offer. You can choose from a few templates, add a blog functionality, and edit fonts, but you will be limited by your customization options as some point in time.

Conclusion: Should you use Etsy Pattern?

Should you use Pattern by Etsy for your ecommerce business?

It depends on your goals. If your only goal is to set up an easy, cheap website then a Pattern website can work well for you because it can be setup in minutes.

However, if you are ever going to want to build a brand that can be independent of Etsy, I recommend you pay a higher hosting fee to an ecommerce platform, like Shopify, that can grow with your brand.

If the hosting fee seems too high, then you aren’t ready for a custom website yet and I recommend focusing on getting more consistent sales on Etsy first which can often be much, much easier than a website where you need to drive all of the traffic yourself.

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