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Sarah Waggoner

Is Etsy Plus Worth It?

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I get asked the question all the time! So let’s answer it once and for all. Is Etsy Plus worth it?

First let’s talk about what Etsy Plus is. Etsy Plus is a subscription Etsy membership that gives you a list of benefits including:

  • Listing and Ad credits

  • Custom web domain

  • Restock requests

  • Shop customizations

  • Supply discounts on business cards and custom shipping boxes

So should you upgrade? The answer…maybe!

First let’s talk about who should not upgrade.

Who should NOT upgrade to Etsy Plus.

If you aren’t getting any traffic and aren’t using Etsy Ads effectively (AKA aren’t making a profit on them) you should not upgrade to Etsy Plus. You get no improvements in search placement and you won’t get increased traffic. So if you aren’t getting regular traffic and sales already, you need to learn SEO first. (Keep reading to learn how!)

Who should upgrade to Etsy Plus?

You should be doing these things first. You should be listing and making sales regularly to take advantage of the listing credits. You should be running ads effectively to take advantage of the ads credits. Again…if you aren’t already doing those two things you need to learn SEO first!

Don’t upgrade just for the shop customizations. Very few people go to your shop home page. Plus the shop customizations aren’t visible on the app where the majority of buyers shop Etsy.

The one time you need to upgrade to Etsy Plus is to take advantage of the restock requests. If you have a product that frequently goes out of stock, Etsy Plus will pay for itself. With the restock requests, Etsy will email customers who sign up to be updated about an out of stock product.

Don’t have products out of stock regularly? There are a few other benefits to Etsy Plus. If you are already using the listings credits and paying for Etsy Ads, then Etsy Plus will only cost you a few dollars a month after the credits. So take a look at the other benefits here to find out if you could take advantage of them.

Let’s summarize.

Do upgrade if you already are using ads effectively and would like to take advantage of one of the other Etsy Plus Features. Don’t upgrade if you aren’t getting sales regularly already.

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