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Sarah Waggoner

Etsy Seller Launch Guide: The Best Way to Start an Etsy Shop

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You’ve either been told by all your friends and family that you should start selling that thing you make or you’ve decided you want to start making some extra money. Either way, you need to know the best way to start an Etsy shop. I’m going to walk you through how to open shop in a way that helps you start getting sales as quickly as possible.

Pick a niche

This is an important first step, but not so important that you should be delaying opening your shop for weeks on end. Do not spend too long on this step. The value of having the perfect niche on Etsy is greatly overestimated, especially when you’re first starting.

The reality is that you’re going to end up changing what you sell or adding new products to your shop at some point in time. So the decision of what to sell isn’t the final decision for what your business is going to look like. If you pick a product and get started quickly, you’ll figure out what you enjoy about your product and what you don’t faster. You’ll figure out what works for you as a business owner faster. Those both mean you’ll make more money faster too.

So pick something you love to make for someone who you love to make it for. Make sure that the niche and product you pick can be profitable for you. Then take the next right step for your business.

Create a launch plan

Let’s choose your launch strategy next. Your launch strategy is going to be determined by your current audience size.

Launch Party

If you have a large audience that you can sell to right away, you’ll want to use that to your advantage by setting a big launch party date. Presell your current audience on how amazing your product is going to be and offer a sale on the launch date to drive as many sales as you can as quickly as possible.

This is a great way to get a lot of conversions on Etsy quickly, which helps you move up the algorithm quickly and reach buyers that aren’t in your audience as well.

You’ll want anywhere from 20 to 50+ listings if you’ll be using this strategy depending on how many product lines you have. So you will probably spend more time setting up shop prior to opening, but the trade off is getting a lot of sales quickly after opening.

Make sure to set a date and tell your audience about it frequently!

Slow Launch

For most sellers, you don’t have an audience prior to opening your Etsy shop. If that’s the case for you, you’ll want to do a slow roll out of your listings as soon as they’re ready.

Getting found in the search algorithm on Etsy can take some time if you don’t have the ability to drive a lot of your own traffic to give yourself a boost. That’s not a problem, because it’s how most Etsy businesses start, but you’ll want to get listings out as soon as possible in order to start getting traffic as soon as possible.

Create your first listings

After you decide on a launch strategy, you need to create some listings. Make your first products, take some product photos that look professional, do your keyword research prior to creating your first listings for whichever launch strategy you’ve choosen.

Launch Away

I don’t want you to second guess yourself or delay opening your shop because you’re trying to get everything perfect before you launch. You’ll learn faster (and make money faster) by launching imperfectly.

If you want to give yourself an even bigger head start in launching your Etsy shop, join me in the Seller Collective, my Etsy membership that includes my entire Etsy course and monthly group coaching sessions. You’ll get my Set Up Shop guide to opening your first Etsy shop in addition to the membership. Learn more here.


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