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Sarah Waggoner

Etsy Shop Best Practices – How To Make Money Selling On Etsy

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You have an Etsy shop, but now you’re ready for the sales to roll in. So what are the best practices to grow your Etsy shop and make more money in your business. There are 3 things that every shop owner wants to do.

Pick a Profitable Product Line

A product line on Etsy is a group of products in a similar niche that one buyer would be searching for. Let’s look at t-shirts for example. If I’m searching for a floral t-shirt don’t find one I love in your shop, I won’t settle for a birthday t-shirt instead. Those two items (despite both being the same product…t-shirts) are different product lines. Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about this topic in depth.

And we want just one product line at a time, my friend. Not 20. Because when you focus growing one at a time, you grow much faster. Your visitors to your Etsy shop are more likely to find (and buy!) something and Etsy is more likely to show you in search results when you are saturating the keywords for one niche product line.

So pick one thing you love to make that is also profitable.

Get found in Etsy Search

Next step is getting this profitable product line found in Etsy Search with your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is how you use your tags and titles to get found in buyer searches on Etsy.

This is a very important step for profitable Etsy businesses because Etsy gets a lot of traffic. And it’s much easier and more effective to get sales from buyers already on the platform than it is to try to find them on social media and convert them from their.

Build an Email List

You don’t need your own website if you have an Etsy shop, especially not until you are making a full time income. But you do need a way to stay in touch with your buyers. An email list is an easy and cost effective way to do that!

Be aware, though! You can’t add buyers to your email list without their permission. Instead, you’ll want to give them a chance to opt in from a landing page either before or after they purchase.

Grow your Social Media Following

Fighting the social media algorithms isn’t always easy, but if you can build a loyal following for your Etsy shop it’s like a bonus! Etsy loves it when you send them traffic. Especially when it’s traffic that converts well like your followers will. That leads to a higher listing quality score and better search placement. Which gets you more sales.

So pick pick one social media platform that you love, get really good at it, grow a following, and send those followers to Etsy to buy and give you amazing reviews that will help even more people find you in Etsy search!

Want to learn more about this process? Check out my free masterclass on getting daily sales on Etsy here.


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