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Sarah Waggoner

Etsy Store Tips: How To Increase Your Sales

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There are a lot of ways to increase Etsy sales. Grab my top Etsy store tips for getting traffic and sales on the Etsy marketplace.

Unique products

First things first. As competition increases on Etsy, potential customers are looking for unique products. You can’t get on the platform, make what everybody else makes, and expect to get sales quickly.

That doesn’t mean you need to invent something completely new, but when you are looking at your competition, think about how you can take current trends and apply them to what you make. How can you put your personality into your products and offer something new?

Don’t hesitate to experiment with the products that you’re creating to find what resonates the most with your future buyers.

High-quality images

Professional-looking photos are a must on the platform. Again, you have a lot of competition on Etsy. That’s something that is much more easily overcome when you have photos that will look great.

Use proper lighting, keep your photos simple, and make sure that each image is in focus.

Click here to learn more about product photography.


Etsy shoppers want to trust you before they purchase from you. Along with good product photos, your Etsy shop needs a simple logo, shop banner, and shop icon.

You also want to make sure your store’s about me page is filled out along with your shop policies. Don’t forget your Etsy shop announcement for important buyer notices!

Optimized SEO for Etsy search

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most Etsy sellers are doing poor keyword research and not optimizing their tags and titles properly. It’s much easier for your target customers to find you after they’ve entered something into the search bar if you’ve formatted your listings in a way that tells Etsy you are important for those keywords.

Learn more about Etsy SEO and how to optimize your listings here.

Pricing strategy

Your pricing strategy on Etsy does matter, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice profits. While Etsy fees are generally low compared to other heavily trafficked platforms, you do need to take them into account. You will pay listing fees, transaction fees, shipping fees, and payment processing fees on every sale. Other fees may apply including an offsite ads fee, Etsy ads fees, and currency conversion fees.

Your goal is not necessarily to compete on price as your pricing strategy. What you want to look at is how to show the value of your products for the price you need to sell them at to be profitable.

Provide excellent customer service

Etsy has had an increased focus on customer service metrics in the last few years with the introduction of its Star Seller program.

It’s important to respond to customer messages quickly, get good reviews, and ship orders on time.

Etsy ads

If you have listings that are converting well, Etsy ads can be a great way to quickly increase traffic and sales. Having a good conversion rate is key, however, because you’ll be paying for each click to your listings.

Click here to learn more about Etsy advertising.

Social media marketing

While a lot of successful Etsy sellers get traffic from social media, it’s not 100% necessary for any Etsy business. Social media can be a great way to boost traffic, though!

Pick a platform that you enjoy spending time on then create a consistent posting schedule that you can stick with.

Make sure to create content that’s fun and valuable for your followers. This helps you create a community of loyal buyers who love you and everything you do which can drive repeat customers.

You can also use social media to drive traffic to your email list. Let’s talk more about that next.

Email marketing

Email marketing is very underutilized when it comes to marketing your Etsy business. Consider offering potential customers coupon codes in exchange for signing up. This can increase your conversion rate by bringing in more return customers.

Offer gift wrapping

Let’s face it. Sometimes our buyers are going to procrastinate purchasing gifts for their loved ones. Offering gift wrapping for your customers allows them to ship your products directly to their gift recipients.

Keep processing times low

One of the best ways to distinguish yourself on Etsy is to keep your processing times low. When choosing between similar listings, buyers are more likely to choose the listing that ships quickly.

Buyers are also able to filter listing search results by arrival time. So listings that ship quickly will be more likely to show up in search results in the first place.

Offer free shipping

Love it or hate it, your Etsy business will make more revenue if you offer free shipping in your shop or use Etsy’s free shipping guarantee.

Remember that free shipping isn’t free for you! Price your product listings appropriately to make up for that cost.

Keep your products Etsy legal

Etsy allows craft supplies, vintage products, and handmade items on the marketplace. If you’re selling on Etsy you want to keep to those categories to ensure your Etsy account stays in good standing and doesn’t get shut down.

Also, take care to avoid selling copyrighted and trademarked products. More than one successful Etsy shop has been shut down forever for selling illegally branded products.

Expand to other platforms

Once your Etsy store is getting consistent sales you want to consider expanding to other platforms like Amazon or wholesale through a brick-and-mortar store.

Your most popular product listings are usually the most successful on other platforms, but they can vary.


Your Etsy store can grow in a lot of ways. To make growth easy, most successful Etsy shops focus on getting organic traffic from Etsy search results. Then consider ads to reach new customers and a marketing strategy to improve your return customer rate and increase Etsy sales.

Want more Etsy store tips? Check out the Handmade Shop Podcast here.


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