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Expanding Your Etsy Listings: Tips for Adding Multiple Variations

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Etsy variations can feel incredibly limiting. You might be wondering if you can have more than 2 variations on Etsy? While you can’t officially at more than two, here are some tips and tricks for maximizing your variations on Etsy.

How to use variations on Etsy.

Etsy only allows two variations. You can add them in your listing by clicking “Add variations” which is right under the “Inventory and pricing” section of your listing.

From there, you can choose a variety of suggested variations or create one of your own.

Tips and Tricks for incorporating more than two variations.

Need more than just two variations? That happens to a lot of sellers! In order to list a product with more than two variations, you’ll need to combine some of them in the drop down menu.

For example, if you’re listing a sweatshirt and need buyers to choose color, size, and style, you’ll want to create a custom variation and name it “Color / Size” then include all of the possible combinations manually.

Alternately, you can list the color or style in a separate listings. The benefit of this is that you’ll have more listings and even more chances to get found in Etsy search. Want to learn more about how many listings you need on Etsy? Click here to learn how many listings you need on Etsy to get found in search.

Best practices for using variations.

Just because Etsy gives you two variations, doesn’t mean you have to use them. The best listings are simple for buyers to add to cart and purchase. It’s easy to think that if you give your buyers ALLLL the options that they’ll be sure to find something they love, but in reality most buyers get decision fatigue easily. Too many variations can actually hurt your conversion rate and make your business a lot more complicated than it has to be.

You’ll also want to have a photo that clearly shows what each variation might look like. If you have a color variation, you need a color chart. If you give your buyers an option of personalizing their product, you need to show them what that will look like.

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