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Sarah Waggoner

From Browsing to Buying: Why your Etsy Description Matters

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When you’re creating a new listing on Etsy, it’s easy to sit there, staring at that blank description text box and wonder if the Etsy description even matters. The answer is yes, it does! A good description can help you get found in Etsy search and help convert your visitors into buyers.

The Importance of Etsy Descriptions

From a customer standpoint, your description is one of the most important factors into converting visitors to your shop into buyers. Your description helps buyers get to know your product and to trust you enough to purchase from you.

Writing a Detailed and Accurate Product Description

While there is no recommend description length, you want to make sure your Etsy listing descriptions are long enough to help answer all of the questions buyers may have about your products. Make sure to include accurate measurements, care instructions, and answers to FAQ’s.

Making Your Description Easy to Read

If you’ve been around in Etsy forums or Etsy seller Facebook groups long enough, you’ve heard a fellow seller complaining that “buyers don’t read” after a buyer came to them with a customer service request. And I can tell you it’s true! Lots of buyers don’t read listing descriptions thoroughly. We’re all busy, right? We’re trying to buy something we’ll love for a great price and move onto the next thing.

Your job as a seller is to make it easy for buyers to read your description. Make sure to break paragraphs up with headings, using bullet points to summarize data, and limit the length of your description to need to know information only.

Using Keywords Strategically in Your Description

The first two sentences of your description are what matters to the Etsy search algorithm. Make sure to include important keywords in the beginning of your description in a way that makes the opening few sentences easy to read. These sentences should also be valuable for your buyers.

Monitoring and Analyzing the Effectiveness of Your Etsy Descriptions

Your conversion rate is the best way to monitor the effectiveness of your listing descriptions. A normal conversion rate on Etsy is between 1-3%. Click here to learn more about conversion rates.

If you change the description on your listing without changing any other factors and your conversion rate goes down, you’re going to want to analyze what description changes played a roll in that and test something else.

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