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Sarah Waggoner

Etsy Listings: How Many Items Can You List?

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Worried about having too many listings on Etsy? Let’s make sure you know the facts about how many listings you can have on the Etsy marketplace.

Is there a limit to how many Etsy listings you can have?

No, there is no limit to how many listings you can create on Etsy. Browsing competition in different niches will show you shops with thousands and thousands of listings. This isn’t limited by the platform in any way.

How many listings should I have on Etsy?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, right? More isn’t always better when it comes to how many listings you have in your Etsy shop.

While there is no magic number of listings that will create the most sales, quantity is important when it comes to getting traffic to your shop. More saturated niches might need hundreds or even thousands of listings in their niches to make a full-time income.

But don’t stress about getting hundreds of listings done overnight. I recommend focusing on one product line at a time to get found in search more quickly. Learn more about product lines here. Then listen to this podcast episode to learn how many listings you need for a full product line.

What other rules are there about what you can list on Etsy?

While there aren’t rules on how many listings you can have on Etsy, there are rules about what you can sell. Listings on Etsy must be for handmade products, vintage merchandise, or supplies.

You also can’t list the same item in multiple shops as that can negatively impact the buyer experience when searching on Etsy.

Strategies for increasing sales without having a million listings:

  1. Experiment with multiple product lines: Buyers rarely see your shop homepage, so don’t worry about creating the perfect storefront with a singular niche.
  2. Use variations to make it easy for buyers to find exactly what they want.
  3. Focus on SEO: Search Engine Optimization is how you can easily show up in front of Etsy’s 90 million buyers without paying for ads. Learn more about SEO here.
  4. Start an email list to advertise your shop effectively.
  5. Turn on the Etsy Free Shipping Guarantee to move up the algorithm more easily.


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