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Conversion Rate: How Many Views Do You Need To Get a Sale on Etsy

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It’s really common for Etsy sellers to look at the traffic they’re getting to their shop and start panicking because it’s not translating into sales. But when you’re looking at these stats, it’s important to make sure you know what’s normal and what’s not. So how many views do you actually need to get a sale on Etsy? Let’s learn more.

Views vs Visits on Etsy

Visits and views in your Etsy stats are two different things. A visit is anyone who sees a page in your shop. A view is how many listings they look at in that visit. So a buyer who goes to your shop home page and looks at 5 different listings gives you 1 visit and 5 views. Click here to learn more about the difference between views and visits.

Understanding the Relationship Between Views and Sales on Etsy

The relationship between views and sales on Etsy is your conversion rate. To calculate this number you want to divide the number of sales you’ve made in a time period by the number of visits and multiply that by 100.

Here’s an example. If you’ve had 2 sales and 50 visits. You’re conversion rate is 4% or 2 divided by 50 x 100.

But what’s normal when it comes to your conversion rate? A normal Etsy shop will have a conversion rate between 1-3%. That means for every sale you’ll need anywhere from 33 or 100 visits to your shop.

If you’ve gotten more than 100 visits in the last 30 days and your conversion rate is higher than 3%, then you’re doing great. Focus on getting more traffic to get more sales.

If you’re conversion rate is lower than 1% (and you’ve gotten more than 100 visits in the last 30 days), we’re going to want to figure out what’s keeping visitors to your shop from buying. Let’s talk about that next.

Factors That Influence the Number of Views Needed to Make a Sale

Your conversion rate is affected by hundreds of things! Some you have control of and some you don’t. Think about the last few purchases you didn’t quite complete online. Sometimes you didn’t pay and finish the transaction just because you didn’t want to get up and get your wallet, right? Or maybe you got a phone call and forget to finish the purchase.

But there are a lot of factors that we can control when it comes to our conversion rate on Etsy. Here are the top factors that influence conversions:

Processing times

Buyers want products quickly! Keep your processing times as low as possible to increase sales and conversions.

Shipping price

I know you don’t like to pay for shipping. And your buyers don’t either. If your products cost a lot to ship, consider increase your listing price and lowering your shipping price for buyers to avoid sticker shock when your buyer adds to cart.


If your buyer is intrigued by thumbnail photo then clicks on your listing and finds a bunch of bad photography, you’re not going to gain their trust enough for them to purchase from you. Blurry, dark photos aren’t good enough to help buyers convert. Consider taking photos on a plain, white background with natural light.


Your description should be thorough but easy to skim quickly. Confusing descriptions that don’t answer your buyer’s questions will encourage them to find another seller that is easier to purchase from without having to ask a bunch of questions prior to checking out.

Available variations

You can have too many or too little variations that might cause a low conversion rate. If buyers are searching for a trendy jewelry color and you aren’t offering that in your listings, they’ll move onto one of your competitors who are.

On the other hand, giving too many choices to buyers can decrease your conversion rate as well. People can get decision fatigue easily when shopping. So if you’re offering two variations with dozens of choices and combinations, the visitors to that listing may have a hard time knowing what to choose.

Customization and personalization options

Etsy buyers love customizing and personalizing their purchases. If you aren’t offering these options on your listings, it can lower your conversion rate. And sometimes that might be a good thing! As your business gets busier, you might not want to take every custom order that comes along because you don’t have time. In these cases you want a lower conversion rate! But it’s important to know this can affect your listings either way.

Optimizing Your Etsy Shop for Better Visibility and Sales

If you haven’t gotten at least 100 visits in the last 30 days on Etsy or if your conversion rate is normal (1% or higher), then your next step is to get more traffic on Etsy. The easiest way to get organic traffic from Etsy as a platform is to perfect your SEO and fill your product lines. To learn more about that, click here to watch my free masterclass.


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