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Sarah Waggoner

How to Audit your Etsy SEO

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Search Engine Optimization should be the base of every single Etsy shop. Getting found by buyers in searches is the best way to make Etsy work for you instead of you working for Etsy. You pay Etsy fees for a reason, right? You want to grab a piece of the traffic they have to offer.

Here’s how to determine if your SEO is working for you.

Check your Stats

You need to know what searches you’re being found for on Etsy. Checking what page you rank on for searches is fine, but your first page rank means nothing if you aren’t getting any clicks from it. So the first thing you need to do is head on over to your stats page and check out what your top keywords are.

Tracking these monthly for your shop is a great idea so you know what you’re getting found for and how often. If you’re SEO is improving, these numbers will start growing month by month.

Check your History

When you look back on your stats history for the last 12 months, are your views from “Etsy Search” increasing. (Side note…Etsy Marketing and SEO is what Etsy is doing for SEO and not what we’re talking about here.)

It’s normal for these numbers to go up and down throughout the year, but you generally should be getting found in more searches every single year you’re on Etsy.

Check your Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is how many sales you get per 100 visits on Etsy. You can find this on your stats page. A normal conversion rate is between 1-3%. Is yours higher than that? Great! That means all you need to do is get more traffic.

If your conversion rate is lower than that, there are a lot factors that might be to blame. Your SEO is often part of the reason. Targeting keyword phrases that are too broad or that don’t fit your products are huge problems for many sellers. Analyze the searches that you are getting found for to determine if your products “fit” with what buyers are searching for.

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