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Sarah Waggoner

How to Create a Marketing Plan for Your Etsy Shop

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I know how overwhelming it can be to market your Etsy shop. There are so many options and you feel like you have to be everywhere so you don’t miss out. So you’re on Instagram, and Facebook, and Pinterest, and Twitter, and TikTok, and…the list goes on and one. But if you’re anything like me, you set up all those platforms then after a few weeks your posting nowhere because it’s all so overwhelming and you do feel like you’re making any traction anyway.

So let’s go over the easy way to make a marketing plan for your shop.

Pick your Focus

We’ve all done it. I promise I have too. You start with the best of intentions. You have that social media planner full of posts to create twice a day on 3 different platforms. You stick with it for two weeks. But it’s not like you’re getting any new followers…much less any sales. So by the end of week 3 someone asks you about your Instagram and you’re all like…”What Instagram?”

I highly recommend you pick one platform to focus on. That’s right. One.

You pick one. You focus on it. You get really good at you. You get a lot of traction. You stay consistent for 3-6 months. Then you reassess and add a new platform if you think that’s the best strategy.

You’re going to have a lot more success by simplifying. You’re going to really become an expert at one thing at a time which is going to give you much bigger results.

Pick your Schedule

Next you want to make a posting schedule that’s realistic. Yeah it sounds good to post three times a day because you’ll get three times the traction, right?

Not so fast, Etsy seller. That’s not always how it works. I’ve found my content to be much more effective when I spend more time on creating one really amazing post with content that my followers love, find useful, or really relate to instead of 3 posts that don’t grab their attention or give them any value.

So think about your goals. For the year. For each month. For each and every post that you make on any platform. Come up with a realistic posting schedule for your platform of choice. And don’t forget to include behind the scenes content! For Instagram, for example, you might want to post 3 times per week to your feed and do stories daily.

Be Consistent

Every single social media platform out there wants you to be consistent. They want a good experience for their users and that means not getting ghosted by brands they choose to follow.

I organize my schedule in a variety of different ways to stay consistent. Using a paper or digital calendar is definitely the easiest. Take a little space to jot down captain topics and hashtag ideas.

Get to Work

Now it’s time for you to get out there and create your own plan. Commit to it for 6 months and get to scheduling!

Need some help with what to post about! Grab JumpStart, my marketing content guide for Etsy sellers. You’ll get hundreds of social media prompts and posts ideas so you can get your engaging, creative content for the month scheduled in less than an hour.




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