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Sarah Waggoner

How to develop products that actually sell on Etsy

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If you’ve been making products to list in your Etsy shop randomly based on whatever you think of in the moment, I want to tell you that there is a better way!

Instead of making products and then hoping you can find a buyer for them, how would it feel to develop products based on what buyers want? I’ll tell you right now, it’s going to feel pretty darn good to have your listings start selling quickly after all of the work you put into them instead of having them sit around for months on end. Now the question is…How in the world do you do that? Let’s talk about the 3 main ways.

Ask your audience

Your social media audience, your email list, your friends and family, strangers on the street…

I mean, maybe not the strangers on the street thing, but your current audience is going to be able to tell you exactly what they want to see from you! You’re selling to this audience already, so you might as well be making exactly what they’re looking for.

Do you know if your audience prefers the mountains or the beach? Pink or blue? Coffee or tea? All of that could be an important part of what new products you’re making each month. So ask them about everything they love from big to small. Then apply that to your products.

Ask Etsy

There are millions of buyers coming to Etsy every single day to search for products. So get inspired by Etsy! What’s popular that you could apply to your product with a unique spin? What are buyers searching for that doesn’t have a lot of competition yet? What’s trending across different product categories. There is so much to learn from buyer behavior on Etsy. So spend some time browsing and getting inspired.

Custom orders

Some of my best sellers have come from custom order requests. Even if you don’t accept every single custom order request that comes your way (and you definitely shouldn’t), there are bound to be some winners in there. When you get a custom order request, especially if you are getting the same request multiple times, make sure to do your keyword research to see if that idea might take off if listed in your shop.

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