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How to Get a Bestseller on Etsy

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If you’ve done any competitor research on Etsy, you might have seen some sellers that have a Best Seller Badge on some of their listings. It seems like some free advertising in Etsy search results, right? So how do you get a best seller badge on Etsy? Keep reading!

Benefits Of Getting Etsy Best Seller Badge

There are a handful of benefits to having a best seller badge on Etsy. It helps you stand out in search results and tells customers that you can be trusted as someone with a high sales volume and excellent customer service.

You can see an example of the badge from an Etsy search result below. The best seller badge appears as a small sticker on your shop listings when they qualify.

Etsy best seller badge example

Etsy Bestseller Badge vs. Star Seller Badge

Another seller badge that you may have heard about is the Star Seller Badge.

You can see that designation in the image below.

That image appears above the listing description for all listings when you qualify.

The Star Seller Badge has a specific set of criteria. Your Etsy shop will qualify by:

  • Shipping orders on time with tracking

  • Replying to Etsy convos quickly

  • Averaging a shop rating of at least 4.8/5 stars

While the Star Seller Badge has a specific set of criteria, the Best Seller Badge does not. So let’s talk about how you qualify next.

How Do You Get Etsy Best Seller Badge

The Etsy Best Seller Badge is rewarded to listings with a high sales volume in a specific time frame in your niche category.

Etsy will track this, but you aren’t able to monitor these stats as a seller.

How Many Sales to Get a Bestseller Badge on Etsy?

Unfortunately, as sales volume on Etsy fluctuates frequently, there’s no way to know how many units sold are needed to qualify for the badge.

A listing with a large sales history won’t qualify for a best seller badge if they haven’t outsold the competition in recent history. That means these badges can, and do, change frequently from seller to seller.

You won’t be notified if you lose your best seller designation, so you will want to monitor changes frequently.

Do You Need a Badge to Be Successful on Etsy?

Now that you know how the best seller badge works, you might wonder if you really need it.

Shop owners do not need any of the Etsy badges to make a lot of sales on the platform.

Can they help? Yes, totally. A special designation from Etsy tells buyers you can be trusted because you’ve proven yourself with other buyers.

But remember that every Etsy seller starts from zero. Work towards qualifying, but don’t get down about not qualifying right now.

How To Find Bestselling Products On Etsy

Not every product category will award a bestseller badge. If you want to find the bestselling categories on Etsy, there are a few ways to do that.

Competitor Research

Starting with competitor research is usually the best option for sellers looking for the best product niches on Etsy.

Search for keywords you’re interested in and see what other sellers qualify are qualifying for Etsy bestsellers.

Keyword Research

You can also use a keyword research tool like eRank or Marmalead to look for keywords with high sales volume and search demand.

Remember that keyword research tools like these don’t get their information directly from Etsy as Etsy doesn’t release keyword search volumes. They can be a great way to estimate competition and demand, though. So get as much information about keywords as you can, but don’t depend on the numbers 100%.

Avoid This Product Niche Mistake

It’s super easy to get caught up in finding the best low-competition, high-demand keywords out there.

Unfortunately, this comes with a lot of issues.

First, when you choose products like this you don’t always know your audience as well as other sellers. This makes developing products and marketing to your customers difficult. Plan to spend a lot of time researching your target market if you choose a product niche this way.

Second, many times these niches are dominated by top sellers who have an amazing sales history and thousands of positive reviews. You won’t get a top-selling item by creating something similar to what they’re making. Plan to develop a truly unique product to stand out and get a bestseller badge.

Best Seller Badge Strategy

If you want to qualify for a best seller badge, you need to get more sales for the same item in a short period of time. Here’s how you do that.

Increase your traffic

Getting more sales starts with increasing your traffic. Try running ads, sending social media traffic, and updating your keywords as needed.

Increase your conversion rate

Next you want to focus on converting as much as you can to take advantage of all of your traffic. Click here to learn more about conversion rates on Etsy and how to increase yours.


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