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How To Get An E-mail List From Etsy

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An email list is one of the most effective marketing methods for your handmade business on Etsy. But let’s make sure you follow the steps to start your email list for your Etsy shop legally.

Create a free account with an Email Service Provider

If you’re looking to start selling on Etsy, you need to first sign up for an Email Service Provider. These services allow you to send emails to people who have signed up for your mailing list. The great news is that many of these service are free for your first 500 to 1,000 email subscribers. So you can run your email list completely free at the beginning.

Remember it’s very easy to switch email service providers if you pick one now and want to change it later. So don’t let this first step slow you down. Pick one and test it out. You’ll learn what you like and what you don’t so you can easily pick another service that better suits your needs later on. But you won’t know until you try one!

I use and love Mailerlite. I have found it easier to navigate than many other platforms and they include some features in their free plan that are only paid features in other email service providers.

Get your shop visitors to Opt-In

The next step to get your future buyers to opt-in to your email list. For legal reasons, you can not add past buyers to your list or add future buyers without them specifically opting in to your list. Never take a list of your customers and add them without their permission. It’s not only against the Etsy terms of service, but is illegal.

I find the opt-in that’s most effective is to have future customers sign up for a coupon on their first order. I also use and love CraftKit to continue to engage customers after they order. This can be very effective because the people who order from you have already decided they love your products and will most likely want to hear about future products. Get 50% off your first three months of CraftKit here.

Send out a newsletter

After you get a few people on your list, it’s time to email them. I recommend starting with one newsletter a month. As your list grows, you can send more! But don’t be afraid to keep it super simple at first. Once a month updates will be great to start!


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