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How to get daily sales on Etsy

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Getting consistent sales on Etsy doesn’t have to be a challenge. So if you’re having a hard time growing your revenue, you’re probably overcomplicating your strategy on the platform. With millions of listings, standing out and attracting buyers requires a thoughtful strategy. In this guide, we’ll explore actionable steps to help you get daily sales on Etsy.

1. Focus on one product line

Picking on product line to focus on at a time doesn’t mean you can’t ever sell anything else in your shop. What it does mean is that if you focus on ranking for one particular set of products first, you’ll rank for those keywords faster. That means you’ll get sales faster. Learn more about product lines in this blog post or in this podcast episode.

You’ll also want to make sure the product line that you’re choosing to focus on will be complete in time for any spike in searches that happens throughout the year. For example, the winter holidays are obviously really popular on Etsy. Searches for Christmas start in August though, so if you’re publishing Christmas listings in November you’re going to have a hard time ranking in searches for those listings due to how late you’re publishing them.

2. Perfect your SEO

Search Engine Optimization on Etsy can be really simple, but incredibly effective. Remember, Etsy has over 90 million buyers. Getting in front of those buyers can be a way to easily create a sustainable revenue.

Your SEO process should include keyword research and formatting your listings according to best practices for Etsy specifically. You’ll find a lot of advice out there for Etsy sellers from coaches or experts who use Amazon or Google search recommendations for Etsy search. Unfortunately, all of these platforms have different requirements for ranking well and you should keep your Etsy listings focused on Etsy as a platform. Learn more about Etsy SEO here.

3. Simple marketing

Look, I know and you know that you don’t have time for a complicated marketing plan that’s going to take hours and hours for content creation each week. You’re much better off creating a simple plan that you know you have time for and being consistent with it each week. One post a week is better than 7 posts for a week and then nothing for months after. Focus on being consistent with quality content that’s valuable for your buyers.

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