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Sarah Waggoner

How to Make a Full-Time Income on Etsy

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To make a full-time income on Etsy, you need to optimize your shop for the Etsy search algorithm, have full product lines, make unique products that buyers are searching for, and provide excellent customer service. It’s also important to use your stats to monitor your progress and make decisions that will help you grow more efficiently.

Here’s how:

1. Optimize your shop’s SEO

Etsy has over 90 million buyers purchasing from their platform each year. The easiest way to make a full time income on Etsy is to start getting found by those buyers. Start with perfecting your keyword research process then make sure you optimize your listings according to Etsy best practices including matching your titles to your tags for best results.

2. Focus on one product line at a time

Etsy sees you as more important for product lines that are full. If you have 50 listings for earrings and only one for necklaces, you’re telling Etsy you’re an earring shop! So make sure you pick one product line to focus on at a time. You’ll grow much quicker this way and provide a better experience for your buyers. Learn more about product lines here.

3. Make unique products that buyers are searching for

You can’t copy top sellers from the best selling shops and expect to outrank them and outsell them. Take the trends and apply them to your business in a way that’s unique to you and your products. Etsy buyers want something special. So show them what you can do!

4. Provide excellent customer service

You’ll want to reply to customer messages within 24 hours, keep your review average above 4.8 stars, and strive to keep your customers happy. Etsy wants to promote shops that keep customers happy so they return and shop from Etsy again. Use that to your advantage by maintaining these key customer service metrics. Learn more about the metrics that Etsy considers important here.

5. Use your Etsy stats to help you focus on what works

The quickest way to see consistent growth is to lean into what’s already working for you. If you’re getting found for certain keywords, lean into those product lines. If you’re getting fantastic reviews on a certain product, analyze what makes that listing unique and offer more of it. Dive into your stats and use the data that Etsy gives you.

Going full time on Etsy is possible no matter what you sell! Get a strategy you’re confident in and create a plan to make it happen!


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