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Sarah Waggoner

How To Make More Sales On Etsy

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You’ve set up shop, but now you want to make more sales on Etsy. There are some simple steps you can take to do that.

Pick A Product

If you’re trying to grow quickly on Etsy, it’s much easier when you are focused on one specific product for one specific niche. It tells Etsy you are more important for that particular niche and the keywords in that niche. That means you get found more in search results for that niche.

Think of it this way…if you want business level results on Etsy, you can’t run your shop like a garage sale. So pick one particular niche and focus on it until it starts working. You can always add more later. But you’ll grow faster if you pick one to focus on first.

Get Found in Etsy Search

Etsy has millions of buyers, so the best way to get more sales is to get found by more Etsy buyers. To get found in Etsy search, you want to start by researching your potential keywords to find the keywords that Etsy buyers are actually using. Make a list of words buyers might use to describe your listing, then use your favorite keyword research method to pick the best options.

Grow your Social Media Efficiently

So many Etsy sellers are wasting way too much time on social media. You do want your brand to have a social media following, but if you are trying to grow your sales you want to spend a lot more time trying to get found in Etsy search than you want to spend on fighting the social media algorithms. Pick one social media platform and make it as efficient as possible by automating and focusing on the high value activities that are working most for you.

Stay Consistent with Your Plan

There is nothing worse than giving up right before your plan starts working. I truly believe that anyone can succeed on Etsy because in my years of coaching, I have seen sellers making plenty of money selling some really odd things. If you aren’t hitting your goals on Etsy, it’s not because you can’t. It’s because you aren’t on the right path yet. And the only way you guarantee that you don’t hit those goals is by quitting.

So stay consistent. Give your plan enough time to work. And get some help when you get stuck.

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