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How to Offer Free Shipping on Etsy

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Offering free shipping can be a powerful tool for increasing sales on Etsy. Not only does it make your products more attractive to potential buyers, but it can also help you stand out from the competition and move up in Etsy search results. In this guide, we’ll show you how to offer free shipping on your Etsy shop and boost your revenue.

Determine your shipping costs.

Free shipping isn’t actually free, my friend. So before you can offer free shipping on your Etsy shop, you need to determine your actual costs. This includes the cost of packaging materials, postage, and any other fees associated with shipping your products. You can use Etsy’s shipping calculator to estimate your costs based on the weight and dimensions of your products, as well as your location and the destination of your packages. Once you have a clear understanding of your shipping costs, you can decide how to incorporate them into your pricing strategy and offer free shipping to your customers.

Adjust your prices to cover shipping costs.

When offering free shipping on Etsy, it’s important to adjust your prices to cover your shipping costs. If you want to offering free shipping on every order, you’ll need to add the price of shipping into your product price. If you want to offer free shipping only on orders of $35 or more, you’ll want to add a little to the price of each item in your shop to make up for the orders that will receive free shipping. For example, if half of your orders are over $35, you’ll want to divide your normal shipping prices in half and make sure that’s added to every order so you’re still profitable even when buyers aren’t paying for shipping.

Turn on the free shipping guarantee.

The Etsy free shipping guarantee gives buyers free shipping on orders over $35. There are a lot of reasons why opting in to this feature can help your sales on Etsy. First of all, buyers love free shipping. So having this offer can increase your average order value and your conversion rate. Second, turning the free shipping guarantee on in your Etsy shop helps you in the search algorithm, which can increase your traffic.

If you want to opt in after you’ve adjusted your listing prices, you can go into your shipping settings and click on the “Free Shipping Guarantee” tab. You can also learn more about that in Etsy’s help article here.

Use shipping profiles to easily adjust your shipping charges.

Shipping profiles help you easily edit shipping settings on a large number of listings at a time. I recommend setting up shipping profiles for similar products using the same raw goods. Then if you need to delay shipping on those products due to stock issues, it’s easy to change your processing times. You can also use shipping profiles to edit shipping costs and introduce free shipping easily in your shop.

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