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3 Way to Share Your Etsy Shop Link On Instagram

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Looking to leverage the social media power of Instagram to promote your Etsy shop? This article will show you three effective ways that you can share your Etsy shop link on Instagram and help bring more customers to your online business. Remember: Links in Instagram posts are clickable. So here are 3 easy alternatives.

Add Your Shop Link to Your Instagram Bio.

The most convenient and straightforward way to share your Etsy link on Instagram is to add it in the profile section of your account. You can update and customize this at any time, so make sure to list your shop link there as a first step! You’ll also want to make sure your bio gives visitors an idea of what they’ll find when they visit the page – like handcrafted earrings or art prints – so that they know what type of products you offer.

Use a Link in Bio App.

Another great way to share your Etsy shop link on Instagram is by using a Link in Bio app. These apps allow you to link up multiple links and customize them according to what you’d like the viewer to see. You can also use these apps to organize multiple links into categories, making it easier for viewers to find specific products in your store. With a little creativity, you can make clicking through various products on your page an enjoyable experience for viewers. This is also a great place to add your email list sign up and other social media links. LinkTree has been around forever, but you have lots of options include Milkshake and Later. You can also make your landing page on your own website, just know it might be a little more cumbersome to update.

Share in Your Instagram Stories.

Remember when you used to need 10,000 followers to be able to share links in your Instagram stories? Now this options is available for everyone! Sharing in your Instagram Stories is a great way to creatively share your Etsy shop link on Instagram. You can use creative features like Polls, Questions, and Sliders to help showcase products and encourage viewers to click through the link in your bio. Additionally, adding interesting captions and fun stickers will help draw attention to the link and make it more likely for viewers to click through.

To do this head to your instagram stories and find the link option here.

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