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Improve your Etsy Ranking: The Ultimate Etsy SEO Guide 2024

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Getting organic traffic on Etsy is the easiest way to make more sales. Etsy has millions of buyers coming to their platform every year. So how can you rank higher and make your way up to Etsy’s first page?

Search engines like Etsy, can be simple once you learn how to make your SEO work for you. Let me tell you more about how Etsy search works and how you can become one of the top Etsy sellers by ranking for organic keywords.

What is Etsy SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is essentially an effort by a search engine (like Etsy, Amazon, or even Google) to rank listings that buyers are searching for on their website. In the case of Etsy, the system’s goal is to show listings that are relevant to what they’re looking for so they complete a purchase.

Factors in the Etsy Search Engine

There are a lot of factors that Etsy uses to determine the search results for shoppers after they type specific keywords into the search bar. To get a listing to rank high in the algorithm, you’ll want to optimize each factor as much as possible. Let’s go over a few of those factors next.

Remember as you’re reading about each of these parts, that we don’t always know which factors have more weight in the algorithm. You’ll want to analyze your competitors on the first page of your target keywords to see what they have in common.

Query Matching

Query matching is when Etsy uses your tags, titles, and relevant attributes to match what a shopper has searched for. If your listing includes the words that a buyer has used, it will appear in their results. Where it shows up in those results is determined by a lot of different factors including if your keywords are an exact match to the query (or search).

For example, if a buyer goes to Etsy and types “welcome sign for front door” into the search bar as I’ve done below, the search results are more likely to show listings that have that exact keyword order than listings that use “front door welcome sign” in their tags and titles instead.

Etsy Search Bar

Listing Quality Score

Etsy calculates your Listing Quality Score by considering many different factors including total sales for your listing, your conversion rate, your review history, and more.

Think of it this way: Etsy makes money when shoppers purchase a product, so they want to show buyers listings that have a high listing quality score because these product listings have proven to get purchased and to make a shopper happy.

So Etsy wants to send you even more traffic when they know your customers will have a good experience with your products as proven by sales and good reviews.


Recency used to be a larger part of the Etsy algorithm, but is now much less important for determining your search ranking. This means you shouldn’t waste time renewing listings in an attempt rank higher.

If you’d like to take advantage of recency, you’ll want to publish a new listing or two regularly. Make sure to take advantage of using new long tail keywords when you’re adding new listings to your shop.

Shop Location

Etsy does factor in shop location in certain countries like Canada, Australia, and the EU. This part of the algorithm helps promote local shops to buyers which can mean faster shipping times and decreased shipping costs.

Remember that this isn’t the only part of the algorithm though and doesn’t necessarily hold more weight than other factors. So don’t worry if you want to show up in a country other than where you’re selling.

Finding The Best Keywords For Etsy Listings

To get the best keywords for your listings, it’s important to find long tail keywords that are in demand, but not too competitive.

Long tail keywords are more specific keyword phrases that buyers use when they’re closer to making a purchase. Think about how you might start looking for a gift by typing “gift for mom” into the search bar, but then get more specific as you decide what to purchase and end up with a final search of “birthstone jewelry for mom personalized.”

The second search example is going to give a buyer much more specific results from sellers who make something that’s perfect for the gift they want.

The next benefit of long tail keywords is that they’re less saturated and easier to rank for. You won’t get more sales unless you actually get found for the keywords that you’re targeting, so using keywords with hundreds of thousands of competitors won’t be beneficial.

How do you find the best keywords? Next, I’ll list some ways to help you brainstorm keyword ideas that will help get you found.

1. Look at your Etsy analytics

Log into your shop dashboard to find the keywords that your buyers are using to find you already. You’ll want to look at the “Etsy Search” section in your stats.

Focusing on the keywords that are already working for you is a great way to increase traffic quickly. You can target relevant keywords that are similar to what you already rank for.

2. Use Etsy SEO tools to find keyword search volume and ideas

You can use Etsy search tools to find keywords that you want to focus on. Marmalead and eRank are some of the most popular tools, but I encourage you to use whatever keyword research tool that you like best.

3. Get inspired by relevant keywords from close competitors

You can also use your competitor’s listings to brainstorm new keyword ideas for your new listing. They might be using and ranking for terms that you haven’t considered yet.

You’ll want to make sure not to copy and paste titles from these shops, though. If your competition is already showing up in search results for the keywords that they’ve optimized for, then Etsy is less likely to take a chance on your new listing because it doesn’t have a history.

Instead, use your competition as inspiration.

How to Optimize Your Etsy Listings

After you’ve gone through your keyword research process, you’ll want to use a combination of strategies to optimize your listings including formatting your tags and titles in a way that helps you show up in search results, getting good reviews for your listings, providing excellent customer service, and drawing buyers in with beautiful photos.

1. Use a descriptive, keyword-rich listing title

After selecting keywords, you’ll want to optimize your titles. The keyword on the front of your title weighs more than the following keywords. If you use the most important keywords first, buyers will be more likely to read them and click on your listings.

You’ll want to make sure not to copy and paste titles into multiple listings. A search engine like Etsy, sees this as spammy behavior so it won’t help your search ranking.

2. Use all 13 tags in each listing

Not using all 13 tags in each listing is one of the biggest Etsy SEO mistakes that is the easiest to correct. Ensure maximum visibility by using every single tag in each listing of your Etsy shop. Think of these as 13 chances to draw buyers in. You don’t want to miss a chance to get found for a new keyword!

3. Keep your Etsy customer and market experience score high

Etsy values giving their customers a good experience shopping on the Etsy marketplace. You’ll want to keep your customer service metrics high. Etsy will give you personalized data to watch in the Star Seller section of your shop manager. Answer customer messages quickly, get positive reviews, and ship orders on time to qualify.

4. Use high-quality photos

Click-through rates are higher when you use high-quality product photography for your listings. Sometimes this means you have a practice a lot before you get that perfect image for your product listings, but don’t be discouraged. High-quality images also mean you’re more likely to get featured by Etsy in an email or on their social media channels.

Try to use a variety of images for all your products. If you sell in the Jewelry category, for example, you’ll want close-up images of all of the product details, lifestyle images of a buyer wearing your product, and wide shots that show the scale of your product.

Check out the image below for some examples.

Product photography examples for sellers in the Jewelry Category

I recommend researching listings that are selling in your product categories to find a photography style that you love.

Buyer disputes and cases

You’ll want to avoid getting a case opened against you if possible, but mistakes do happen. Try to resolve issues with buyers independently if possible.

Having too many cases opened against you will hurt your search ranking.

Encourage positive reviews

Good reviews help you in the Etsy search algorithm. This is yet another reason to provide good customer service on the platform. Consider including a package insert that asks buyers to leave you a review after they receive their order to get more people to leave a review.

Improve your Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is determined by how people purchase your product per visit. It also tells you how many visits your store needs to get a sale.

You can calculate your conversion rate by dividing your sales in the last 30 days by the number of visits you’ve had. A normal conversion rate is between 1-3%.

You can improve your conversion rate by lowering your shipping costs, decreasing your processing times, and many other things. Learn more about your conversion rate here.

More Etsy SEO Tips

Want some more tips for getting better search results on Etsy? Here are the Etsy search tips that every seller needs to know.

Don’t change your SEO too often

Don’t change your listing keywords too often. Etsy takes 30-90 days to decide if they’re going to rank you higher after you edit your keywords.

Don’t change all of your listings at once

Don’t change all of your listings all at once. You can easily tank your search ranking for your entire shop if you change all of the listings that are working for you already. Change current listings slowly.

Use your time efficiently

Keyword research doesn’t need to take hours. If you’re spending more than a few minutes per listing on keyword research, you might want to rethink your current SEO strategy.

Don’t copy unproven practices

Not all Etsy shops are created equally. If you have a competitor who seems to be doing it all wrong but is still ranking well in search results, don’t worry. They might be getting traffic from Google search, a large email list, or even social media ads. Don’t change your strategy to something unproven based on one or two competitors who aren’t following best practices.

Use punctuation correctly

Query matching for search terms is exact so use your punctuation correctly. Include spaces between hyphens and dashes and your keywords so Etsy knows what word you’re targeting.

Typing your titles like this is an improper use of punctuation.

Etsy Title Example

This title tells Etsy that you want to rank for the word “Class-Coffee” which isn’t a real word. Instead, use spaces before and after punctuation like hyphens and dashes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Etsy SEO:

How do I check my Etsy ranking?

Most keyword research tools will give you a way to monitor your listing ranking on Etsy. You can also use a private browser to search for the keywords you’re targeting and see what page your listing shows up on.

Should I include categories and attributes as tags?

Etsy search uses category attributes to help rank your listings. Make sure to fill this out when they are relevant.

You don’t, however, need to use the same phrases in your tags.

I have a new Etsy shop. How can I rank my listings in search results faster?

Make sure to fill one product niche at a time. Etsy sees you as more important for keywords that you’ve saturated in your listings. So focusing on one type of product at a time can help you get found faster.

How long does Etsy search take to work?

Etsy’s search engine can take up to 90 days to decide where to rank your listings for the new keywords you’ve chosen. If you’re confident in your keyword research, make sure to not change your listing title more often than that.


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