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Sarah Waggoner

It’s easier to assume THIS. But it’s harder to accept the truth.

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I hear this from sellers over and over and over again. On Etsy forums. In Facebook groups. In my inbox. On Instagram. Everywhere Etsy sellers are..

“My category is too saturated…”

“Etsy is too saturated. I can’t get seen…”

“I want to sell ‘X’ product, but Etsy is too saturated…”

What’s harder is the truth. Which is this…

It’s not Etsy’s problem. It’s you.

The entire internet is saturated. That does not mean you can’t get seen. That doesn’t mean you can’t get traffic. That doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

Here’s what that does mean…

You need to optimize your shop correctly. From your listings to your photos to your SEO to your social media. You can’t just throw listings up and cross your fingers and expect to get 100 (or even 10) sales this month.

So it’s time to make your plan. If you’re telling yourself that you aren’t getting sales on Etsy because it’s too saturated then it’s time to sit down and figure out why you really aren’t getting any sales.

I promise it has nothing to do with Etsy and everything to do about you.


PS. If you want to fast-track that process, that’s where I come in. Learn about my 5-part framework here.


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Sarah Waggoner is a full time Etsy Seller with over $700,000 in sales. She helps handmade and digital sellers get daily sales on Etsy without all the complications.

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