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Sarah Waggoner

Last Minute Black Friday Prep

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While it’s not Black Friday yet, the Etsy Cyber Week sale has started.  So let’s cover the top 4 last minute things you can be doing right now to maximize your sales during the Black Friday week.

The first is to get your social media pre-scheduled.  As Black Friday orders roll in, your time gets more and more limited.  Plus our personal lives get really busy this time of year too!  I know I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed already.  And for me social media is one of the first things that gets crossed off the list of things to do when I get busy.

So pre-scheduling some of that content now means you’ll be consistent in the next few weeks whether you end up having time for social media or not.  And it doesn’t have to be complicated content.  Put up some posts about your sale end dates and shipping deadlines.  Drop a few photos of your best sellers and remind your followers to shop.

The second thing I want you to think of is your email list…or lack thereof.  This time of year is a great time to start your email list if you haven’t already because you are getting so much traffic which means more sign ups!

If you’re already one of my students in The Seller Collective this is a great time to watch the email list module and get set up to get your first few subscribers.  Or to rewatch it and implement a few more tips for getting even more subscribers.

If you’re not in The Seller Collective, click here to learn more.

The third thing I want you to set some time aside for is cleaning and decluttering.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been busy and your office space is a huge mess.  Which makes working less efficient and more stressful. If you’re able to spend an hour decluttering your space now, you’re going to be more efficient making and packaging up all of those Black Friday orders.  Which means you’ll have more time for marketing and getting more sales too!

The fourth and final thing I want you to do is rest.  I know that may sound a little counterintuitive, but making  sure you’re rested before a stressful few weeks helps your attitude and mindset which helps your sales.  So schedule an hour or two to do something fun.  Take a few nights off of working.  Really get some rest in so you can go into the next few weeks feeling as refreshed and ready as possible.

So there are your top 4 things to be focusing on this week.  I want you all to get some work done and get some rest in too.  So thanks for listening and I wish you all a very profitable Black Friday.



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