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Boost your visibility on Etsy organically to get more sales from Etsy's 95 million annual buyers.


“The first listing I made applying your SEO theory resulted in five sales of my pattern! Thank you!”

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Etsy SEO is frustrating as sh*t.

There’s a ton of bad advice out there. Strategies that work for other platforms. Tactics that haven’t worked on Etsy in the last decade. Stuff that never worked on any platform ever.

So the trick for Etsy sellers who want to get more traffic is to figure out a way to make SEO simple.

With SEO Power Hour you’re not wasting hours of time feeling overwhelmed by all the terrible advice out there.

And you’re not spending hundreds of dollars (or more) on outsourcing your listings to someone who doesn’t have any Etsy experience.

SEO Power Hour is your simple way to get more traffic to your Etsy shop.

Hey! I'm Sarah.

I'm a multi-six figure business owner in the top 1,800 Etsy shops worldwide who has made over $750,000 on Etsy.

I want to help Etsy sellers get more sales in the most efficient ways possible. Because I know what it’s like to try to get your shop up and running while you’re struggling to work full-time, take care of your family, and get some form of edible dinner on the table every night.

And I remember exactly what it’s like to be where you are right now. In my first year on Etsy, I made $500. Good, but not amazing, right?

That’s where SEO comes in.

In my second year I figured out how to get visible on Etsy and made $35,000.

I’m teaching you these strategies because I want you to get sales without the frustration and overwhelm.

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Top 0.1% of Etsy Shops

Sold over $700,000 on Etsy

Helped 1700+ students with Etsy

Tell me if this sounds like you?

It doesn’t have to be like that, Etsy seller.

You can get more traffic in a way that’s really simple.

SEO Power Hour will teach you...

And you don’t need tons of time to make this all happen. I get it! You’re busy!

You're going to learn how to get more organic traffic to your Etsy shop in LESS THAN 1 HOUR.

This class will be held LIVE for one day only! Join me July 17th at 12:00 PM or 5:30 PM central. (1:00 pm / 6:30 PM eastern)

What students have to say...


"Sarah, I've been on Etsy for 5 years and I'm amazing by your SEO hacks."


"I've seen good results and increased sales. Everything just made more sense after the course."


“I changed SEO for a listing I wanted to sell more of and it's working! 5 times in April vs an average of 1-2/month since listing it in September.”


"Sarah is the one that made SEO click for me. Once you figure it out, it gets SOOO much easier."


"Sarah's course is super helpful! I saw immediate results with my shop."

What's included in the Etsy SEO Power Hour?

For only $15!

Who is the SEO Power Hour for?

You are a new seller but haven't made any sales yet...

Perfecting your SEO gives you an advantage over all of the new shops out there who are just throwing up random keywords and crossing their fingers.

You have made a few sales but want them to be consistent...

Learning how to do keyword research in a way that’s super effective and efficient will save you so much time as you’re growing your business! You’ve proven that people want to buy your products and now it’s time to help them find you!

You have made some sales and want to scale with ads...

Did you know Etsy ads are based on your SEO? If you’re throwing money at ads without getting sales in return, it’s time to give Etsy the right keywords to advertise with!

You've got questions...

This class will be live on Wednesday July 17th at 12:00 PM and 5:30 PM central. If you can’t make it live, the replay will be available for one week after the class is held.

It’s super easy!

  1. Click any of the buy now links. You’ll be taken to my checkout page.
  2. After checking out, you’ll get an email within a few minutes to confirm that you’ve saved your seat in the class.
  3. Put the class dates on your calendar so you can attend live and learn how to get found on Etsy!

After the class is held, you’ll have access to the replay for one week.

Yes! The SEO process on Etsy is the same no matter what you sell. If you have a handmade shop with physical or digital products, this class is for you.

YES! This class normally sells for $200. I’m holding it live to be able to offer to you at a lower cost, but only for this one session!

Yes! If you’re in a saturated market one of the best ways for you to start getting more sales is to optimize your SEO. Help yourself stand out from the competition with a proven Etsy strategy!

Imagine where you could be after learning how to get found in Etsy search.

You could be getting more visits and turning them into sales.

You could be spending way less time advertising on social media for the year.

You could be taking advantage of the way that Etsy works as a platform in a way that’s super easy and efficient.

SEO Power Hour gives you the easy plan you need to get more Etsy sales!

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