Private mentoring with Sarah.

You have a successful shop on Etsy and ready for even more revenue. Work with me one on one to scale your profit without burnout.

I get it. You started your Etsy shop and didn’t imagine that it would grow like it did. You didn’t even see yourself as a business owner when you opened up shop.

But now that you’re here, you want to scale your revenue on Etsy without working 24-7, without spending hours a day on social media, and without paying yourself less than minimum wage.

But it seems so freaking hard to grow consistently. You feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. Your to do list keeps growing longer, but you certainly don’t have any more time in your schedule than you did a few months ago. So how are you even supposed to get all of this stuff done?

Listen, I’ve worked with hundreds of Etsy sellers across dozens of niches and here’s what I’ve learned about growing your Etsy business:

Scaling your revenue on Etsy is simple.

You need to increase your traffic while maintaining your conversion rate.

But that feels impossible when you’re also trying to get orders out the door on time, keep track of inventory, start an email list, and remind your followers that you’re alive on social media every once in a while too.

So simple doesn’t always mean easy. Because you’re just going to feel more overwhelmed everytime you hear that sale notification come through when your capacity is already maxed out.

Making more money is only one part of the equation. You also need to keep your profits healthy while outsourcing more of the stuff you personally don’t need to do.

You’re here because you’re ready to step into the role of a business owner making strategic decisions, automate Etsy as much as possible, quit bouncing around from strategy to strategy, and grow in a way that helps you make more money with less burnout. (Because you deserve some time off too, Etsy seller.)

You want a more effective schedule that takes stuff off of your to do list while your business keeps on growing with ease.

I want to help you grow your Etsy business in the easiest way possible.

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Hey! I'm Sarah. And I hate marketing.

I hate marketing so much that I figured out how to scale my organic traffic on Etsy without spending hours on social media.

Etsy is hands-down the easiest and most profitable platform to scale your business on with over 90 million buyers and the lowest fees of any marketplace.

If you are making consistent sales already, Etsy as a platform is set up to help you grow your revenue even higher without doing a lot more work.

You just have to know how to take advantage of the system in a way that works for your business.

Ready to develop a personalized strategy for scaling your specific business?

Keep reading to learn more about working with me one on one.

Private Mentoring is for YOU if...

That expert is me, my friend.

I built my Etsy shop from zero to full time in just a few years. I didn’t have a huge social media audience. I didn’t use paid ads.

I just learned how to take advantage of the way Etsy works as platform in a way that worked for me, my business, and my family.

If you’re ready to get the personalized strategy that works for your business, apply below.

What's included:

The investment for private coaching is $1000/month. 

You’ll get two 45 minute mentoring sessions via Zoom each month, DM access to me via Slack for questions and coaching in between sessions, and free access to my entire course library while we’re working together.

Serious shops need help to scale as efficiently as possible.

To get the help you need, your next step is to schedule an application call with me by clicking below. We’ll talk about your Etsy shop, your goals, what is stopping you from earning the revenue you want this year, and how we can work together to make earning more money on Etsy as easy as possible for you.

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