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Promote Your Etsy Shop on Facebook the Right Way!

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There are dozens and dozens of ways to promote your Etsy shop on Facebook these days. Facebook ads, pages, groups, the marketplace. So what’s the best way to promote your Etsy shop on Facebook? Learn more about Facebook marketing and Etsy Facebook ads here.

How do I promote my Etsy listings on Facebook?

Let’s start with your free marketing options on Facebook. That’s where most Etsy sellers start when it comes to Facebook marketing.

You do have a lot of options for free marketing on Facebook. We’ll talk more about business pages, Facebook groups, and the Facebook marketplace in the section below.

You can also create a Facebook shop, use Reels, and go live as part of your Facebook marketing strategy.

How to get started on Facebook

To get started with Facebook marketing and advertising for your Etsy shop, you’ll want to set up your Facebook account and decide on what content types you want to include in your marketing strategy. Let’s walk through the process step-by-step.

Your Facebook business page

Every business on Facebook needs a business page separate from their personal profile on the platform. You can create this from your personal Facebook account by clicking on the menu on the top right corner of the website as shown below.

How to create a Facebook page for your Etsy account

This will allow you to enter your business and information.

While every business on Facebook needs a page, it might not be the best place to focus your content strategy. Facebook pages often struggle to reach new people. The best way to reach as many people as possible with a page is to create shareable content. This might be helpful, funny, or memorable in some other way. If that is something that might come easily to your brand, a Facebook page strategy should be included in your content plan.

Facebook groups

Your Facebook group strategy can involve starting your own group as a community for your followers or using other groups to promote your shop. Let’s talk about both options next.

Starting your own Facebook Group

The goal of starting your own group on Facebook is to have a way to genuinely interact with your potential customers. Groups used to have amazing reach on Facebook. You could throw up a half-hearted post and get a lot of views. Unfortunately, times have changed when it comes to using Facebook groups in marketing. Reach has decreased and it can be difficult to get engagement.

Don’t let that scare you away from starting a group! It should, however, inform your strategy for using your group to promote your shop.

The goal is to get as much engagement as possible in your group. Ask questions that are easy to answer for your group members. Share weekly posts that they look forward to. In my group for Etsy shop owners, I share a weekly Friday Morning Brag Thread that everyone loves. It gets a ton of engagement and helps me get to know my group members better.

Facebook group engagement thread example for Etsy sellers

You can compile a list of questions to cycle through every few months that will engage your audience. You might even notice that when your group engagement rate increases, you get more requests to join from new members!

Using other groups to promote your Etsy shop

If you don’t want to commit to starting your own group, that’s ok! Running a group can take a lot of time to moderate and create content for. You can still use other groups in your marketing plan, but you’re going to need to be careful and follow the rules.

Start by finding a variety of groups that are related to your niche. If you sell home decor, you could join groups for DIY interior design or home trends. If you make clothing or accessories, you’ll want to find all of the fashion groups. Local Facebook groups can work well too!

With this step, it’s important to not fall into the trap of joining dozens of Etsy seller groups and thinking you’ll get a million sales if you drop your link in those every week. Remember that Etsy shop owners are not your target market. Marketing in these groups is more likely to get your product ideas stolen than it is to get you sales. Find groups that aren’t saturated with your competition, like mentioned above, and focus on those.

There are a few things you want to remember when it comes to your marketing strategy in other people’s groups. First, this isn’t your audience so you need to respect the rules of the group. I have thousands of Etsy sellers in my group and I worked very, very hard to grow it to this level. I spend hours and hours each week moderating, creating content, and helping members. So when another Etsy coach sneaks into my group, ignores my rules, and tries to market their own services to my members it’s incredibly frustrating.

So please be respectful of the group owner and follow their rules for marketing. Some groups allow businesses to promote only on certain days, in certain threads, or not at all. It might take some time for you to find groups with rules that allow you to market your Etsy shop in the way that works for you and that’s ok. Keep searching!

The second thing you need to remember about marketing in other people’s groups is that posting and running won’t get you the results that want. You need to lead with value in each group. Be helpful and kind to members. This strategy takes time but will be more effective in the long run.

Facebook Marketplace

You can also include using the Facebook Marketplace in your platform strategy. The marketplace is a section within Facebook that allows anyone to buy or sell on the app. It’s free to use without any listing or payment processing fees, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your marketing.

Think of the marketplace as a garage sale. Your neighbor down the street is going to be listing random junk that they don’t want anymore for a cheap price. Your handmade products are going to be competing against that when buyers are searching on the platform.

That doesn’t mean the marketplace can’t work for you, but you’re to want to develop a strategy that allows you to stand out and show the value of your products.

Creating your Facebook strategy

After reading about all of the Facebook advertising options, pick a strategy that sounds like it will work the best for you and your business.

You’ll want to decide how often you want to post in each location. I recommend starting with a schedule you feel will be easy to manage. Once you get the hang of creating content, you’ll be able to see what your audience responds to best and can increase your posting schedule without burning out.

Paid advertising on Facebook

If you have the free options taken care of for your marketing strategy, you might be wondering about how the paid ads on Facebook will work for your Etsy business. Next, let’s talk about your options for running a paid ad campaign on Facebook.

Can you run Etsy ads on Facebook?

Unfortunately, you can’t run Etsy ads on Facebook on your own. Your only option is to opt-in to Etsy’s offsite ads program. While you don’t have a lot of control over the advertising provided, there is good news about this program. You are only charged after making a sale through the offsite ads. So the risk of running these ads if very low if you’ve priced your products appropriately.

Can you run Facebook ads for your Etsy shop?

You can run Facebook ads for your Etsy shop, however, it might not be the right option for your business. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of a Facebook ad campaign.


  • You can reach a larger audience network than you can on Etsy

  • The Facebook ads manager can get very specific with your target audience so your ad campaign can reach a very niche group of people

  • There are many different ad formats to choose from on Facebook, including video

  • You can build your brand recognition without competing against other Etsy shops

  • Facebook ads are also shown on Instagram


  • Tracking metrics to your Etsy shop are severely limited so it will be difficult to track sales statistics appropriately

  • Facebook’s ad manager is much more complicated than Etsy’s and changes frequently

  • Experimenting with finding your target audience can be expensive

Tips for Facebook ads for Etsy sellers

If you want to run Facebook ads for your Etsy shop, I do have a few tips to get you started.

  1. Optimize your Facebook business page with valuable content for your buyers.

  2. Don’t “boost posts” from your page. This rarely results in sales and has limited targeting options.

  3. Spend a lot of time in your ad account on Facebook. The back end can be complicated and you need to learn where all of the metrics are and what they tell you.

  4. Start with one ad campaign that uses multiple images and types of copy. Figure out what your audience responds to, then experiment with different target audiences or a wider audience.

  5. Facebook will spend your entire lifetime budget, so make sure you are comfortable with the ad spend.

  6. Target a specific listing with a high conversion rate to drive traffic, increase sales, and monitor your results.

Conclusion: What’s the right way to promote your Etsy Shop on Facebook?

While using Facebook to increase visibility and sales works for a lot of Etsy businesses, paid advertising on Facebook can be expensive for Etsy shops. It’s also difficult to measure results as you aren’t able to connect to the back end of Etsy for reporting purposes.

If you want to experiment with Facebook ads for your online business, I highly recommend getting your own website on a platform like Shopify or WordPress. You will be able to take advantage of all of the data Facebook can give you when it comes to your ad account.


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