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Sarah Waggoner

Quick Etsy Marketing Ideas

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Whether you’re full time or using Etsy as a side hustle, we’re all short on times the days. I started my Etsy shop when I had a full time job and a new baby. So I have learned how to become the queen of efficiency. And part of that efficiency is cramming things into 3 minute chunks of time. And there are a ton of marketing ideas that are quick, easy, and effective. Keep reading to learn more about my top 4.

Etsy Shop Updates

These are so easy and very underutilized. Are you going to make 100 sales off one of these? Nope. But it’s going to help keep you top of mind for previous buyers that have favorited your Etsy shop and is so easy to do when you only have two minutes waiting in line to pick up the kids. Throw up a photo that you’ve taken recently, tag a product, and post. Couldn’t be easier.

Instagram Engagement

Engagement on your social media accounts is so important to keep your posts showing up in buyers feeds. And one of the things that helps you get engagement is by getting out there and engaging with other accounts! Even if you only have a minute, you have time to leave a comment on a post by an influencer in who’s in your target market.

Instagram Stories

Every single time you create Instagram stories, you show up in front of your followers on Instagram. Have a few minutes here and there during the day? Create a couple of Instagram stories to share with your followers. You can talk about your day, show behind the scenes, remind your followers about a deadline or event that’s coming up, or talk about your favorite product.

Message Influencers

Working with influencers is one of the easiest and quickest ways to increase your following and sales at the same time. Plus get some awesome lifestyle photos in the process. Have a few minutes? Find a new influencer to pitch!

Put these tactics on your to do list for the week! And if you want even more ideas grab my Etsy JumpStart training! It’s filled with 100+ free and cheap marketing ideas that are just as easy as these. Plus you’ll also have a chance to grab The Hashtag Creative which includes my influencer framework that makes me thousands of dollars every year!



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