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Megan A.

“This was a game changer for my Etsy shop! I doubled my monthly revenue in 1 month after implementing Sarah’s SEO tips. I have continued through all of her modules and have loved all of them. A few don’t apply to us digital sellers like shipping. But the value of everything else is worth it! In 9 months I have 10x my monthly revenue. If you are ready to level up your Etsy Shop, run don’t walk, and sign up!”

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If you’re not getting the sales you want on Etsy, then guess what?

You have a traffic problem.

To get more sales on Etsy, you need to do two things:

1. Get more visits.
2. Convert those visits into sales.

Yeah, sure...much easier said than done right? Here's how I'm going to help you get more traffic on Etsy:

Fix your production calendar.

Get found in Etsy search.

Market effectively.

The Seller Collective is the Etsy membership that helps you do this.

Inside this membership, I teach you the same strategies I used to create multi-six figures in revenue on Etsy without the stress of figuring it out on your own.

Hey! I'm Sarah.

I'm a multi-six figure business owner in the top 1,800 Etsy shops worldwide who has made over $750,000 on Etsy.

I started my Etsy shop in 2016 and made $500 that year. I was working full time as a physical therapist at the time and had a new baby. Let’s just say, I was not getting anything out of the time I invested into Etsy.

And in 2017 I knew I needed to change that. If I was going to put the hours in, I needed to pay myself. And that’s exactly what I did.

Using the same strategies that I teach in The Handmade Creative, I made over $30,000 on Etsy in 2017.

And I didn’t just make some money that year. I made profit.

Profit that paid for diapers for my toddler. And a family vacation. And car repairs when my husband got into an accident during the holidays.

And I created The Seller Collective to help you do what I did.

portrait of Sarah Waggoner

Top 0.1% of Etsy Shops

Sold over $750,000 on Etsy

Helped 1700+ students with Etsy

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The Seller Collective is for YOU...

If you want to grow on Etsy without spending hours on marketing and social media, this membership is exactly what you need to improve your sales, get profitable, and turn your hobby shop to a consistent, money-making business.

What students have to say...

Katrina R.

“My first month I doubled my monthly income and by the time 6 months passed I was making triple (almost 4x) what I had been making each month!”

“This program was so helpful for my shop! I was selling on Etsy for 2 years prior to joining. My first month I doubled my monthly income and by the time 6 months passed I was making triple (almost 4x) what I had been making each month!

I really thought I had done my research and understood SEO and what I needed to do to be seen but Sarah is so full of knowledge! Even tuning into the meeting each week I wouldn’t have to ask questions each time, I learned just from listening to her advice for other shops taking her course. Highly recommend!”

Alyssa N.

“It also taught me how to be productive and effective with my time and how to start paying myself!”

“The Seller Collective is a must for Etsy sellers wanting to learn how to optimize their listings and get found in search! You’ll even get help with mindset and goal setting, which is not something to take lightly.

It taught me how to understand my stats and use them to improve my shop! It also taught me how to be productive and effective with my time and how to start paying myself! I definitely recommend this course for all Etsy sellers!”

What you get inside...


The Handmade Creative course has 8 modules to help you take a single product niche and turn it into consistent sales on Etsy. And you get this entire course inside of the Seller Collective. You get the strategy you need to pick a product buyers are searching for, get that product found in Etsy search, and to make your social media really efficient so you can get off Instagram and spend more time making products you love.

  • Module 1: Mindset and Goal Setting
  • Module 2: Product lines, Pricing, Descriptions
  • Module 3: Search Engine Optimization
  • Module 4: Understand your Stats
  • Module 5: Profitable Ads
  • Module 6: Social Media and Marketing
  • Module 7: Start your Email List
  • Module 8: Productivity

The Handmade Creative is for Etsy sellers who don’t want to feel like they need a masters in marketing in order to start getting more sales.

Live Coaching Sessions:

Inside the Seller’s Collective, we hold two live coaching sessions every month. Here’s how they work: I get on Zoom with you, you raise your hand and ask me anything about your Etsy business, you walk away with a personalized strategy for your Etsy shop that you can implement immediately to start getting more sales on Etsy right away. In these sessions, we do listing assessments, SEO critiques, and strategic planning for your business. You get my eyes on your Etsy shop and learn how to use the way Etsy works as a platform to make more sales the easy way.


Product businesses are seasonal. And our trainings inside the Seller Collective reflect that with quarterly trainings on product lines, increasing sales during the summer slump, Black Friday, and more. These workshops take you from a reactive mess to a proactive CEO, with the increase in revenue that comes with forward planning and advanced strategy.

Facebook Community:

Get access to our private student community on Facebook. Being in a group of Etsy sellers who have similar goals as you gives you a place to share your struggles and wins with people who understand. This group is where you go for peer feedback and community support to keep you motivated, inspired, and accountable.

Membership Bonuses

I want to guarantee that you make more money on Etsy this year. So let’s throw in some bonuses that will help you do just that.

The 90 Day Action Planner

Your time is limited so let’s make sure you’re using it in a way that helps your business grow quickly. With this quarterly planner, you’ll walk through a process for assessing the last 30 days in your business, creating goals for the next quarter, and breaking those goals into action steps that you can actually complete. This isn’t a planner that you’ll pick up once and never open again. It’s a system that creates consistent action in your business.

Monthly Accountability Challenges

You aren’t just going to get into the membership and learn. You’re going to learn, take a ton of action towards your Etsy goals, and be accountable to keeping that action really consistent with our monthly accountability challenges inside the student Facebook group. Join me and your peers for monthly challenges to increase your traffic, social media results, and sales.

Set Up Shop

Don’t have an Etsy shop yet? The Set Up Shop mini course walks you through creating your Etsy shop from picking your first niche to getting your first sale. Inside of the Seller Collective, we help you from start to finish. Join us now to get the Set Up Shop guide and open your Etsy shop today.

Ready to join?

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Join us for $19

Use code “Spark2023” at checkout to get your first month of membership for only $19. This offer ends on 9/29 so join now!

You've got questions...

I have a bonus for that! Join us in the Seller Collective and get access to Set Up Shop, my mini-course that walks you through setting up your first Etsy shop step-by-step. You’ll get help with opening your shop, creating your first listing, and getting your first sale.

I sure can! And I’m going to do it in a way that not only uses the data we have, but also includes the personal factors that you bring to your business so you can get sales quicky, but avoid burnout in the process. 

Nope! If you have an Etsy shop, whether you’ve made 0 sales or 1,000+, you’re going to benefit from learning how to develop product lines, use your stats to your advantage, get found more in Etsy search through your SEO, and through the personalized coaching offered in our monthly coaching calls.

If you are a handmade seller on Etsy (digital or physical products), this membership is made for you. Different niches of course have different obstacles, but you can take what you learn from the course and coaching in this membership and apply it to whatever you sell on Etsy. Once you’re in the program, if you have questions about your specific niche, you’ll be able to ask for super specific help in our coaching sessions each month.

Here’s the deal, 95% of the time sellers tell me that they need to start turning favorites into sales, the actual thing they should be focusing on is getting more traffic. In the Seller Collective, we’re going to help you do both! So you’ll have a higher conversion rate to take advantage of all that extra traffic you’re getting. It’s a win-win.

My goal for you is to use the time that you have for Etsy more efficiently. My goal for you is NOT to create more time for your Etsy business by sacrificing sleep, family, or personal time. If you have a few hours a week to work on Etsy, that’s all you need.

The modules in the included course are designed to be quick to complete. So if you have 15 minutes to start a lesson, there will be something you can learn and take action from in that time.

And to make it even easier to learn on your own time, call replays are available in our course platform and on our private podcast feed so you can listen and learn whenever you have a few minutes to pop in your headphones.

Yes! We have a Facebook group with over 200 members so if you have a question or need support in any way you can post in the group at any time.

The Seller Collective helps keep you accountable to your business strategy in as many ways as possible because I know how important that is to your business growth. In our Facebook community, you’ll get access to monthly challenges to help you focus on growing your sales. You’ll also get a copy of my 90 day Action Planner, so you can create a plan for your Etsy business, track your habits and action steps, and reassess every 30 days.

Yes! As an Etsy coach, it’s extremely important to me that I’m really in it with my students. That I know exactly what is happening on the platform every day. My shop has over 25,000 sales and is growing consistently. This membership isn’t a program created by a marketer for
Etsy sellers who hate marketing. It’s a program created by an Etsy seller who is currently running a successful shop that has consistent growth on Etsy year after year (who hates marketing off Etsy as much as you do).

Student Wins....

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If you read this far…

Then you’re ready to make more sales on Etsy.
And you’re ready to do it easily without wasting anymore time.

The Seller Collective is your ticket to a profitable and consistent Etsy business.

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