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Sarah Waggoner

Not sticking with your business plan is a huge mistake that I see a lot of Etsy sellers making.

Bouncing around from strategy to strategy hoping that what you pick next is going to be *The Plan* that throws you to your goals.

You make a plan, get really excited about it, and then decide to do something else in a few days or a few weeks because you think the first plan isn’t working. Or you get bored.  Or you hear about something new that some other seller is doing and seeing success with.  And you think maybe that is the magic solution to getting successful on Etsy.

So you change the plan and come up with something new that you’re excited about but you’re not going to stick to that strategy either.  For all of the same reasons you didn’t stick with the last strategy. Maybe you’re expecting results too quickly, maybe you are getting bored for some reason, maybe you just aren’t prioritizing your business in the best way that you could.   but those problems are going to continue to follow you from plan to plan until you get your strategy down.

So today I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to making a plan you love and sticking with it so you can actually see results in your etsy business.

First, what I really want you to start with is to make a plan based on what’s effective for most Etsy sellers.  Get the tried and true things working for you before you start experimenting.  The top two priorities in that category are Etsy SEO (AKA getting search traffic from Etsy since they have millions of buyers searching for you) and social media.

I want you to consider two more things in this plan. That’s what you love and think you’ll enjoy and what you can realistically stick with and be consistent with.  Whatever that definition of consistency may be for you.  For some of you that might be posting on instagram twice a day.  For some of you it might be twice a week.  Either way is ok.  You get to define consistency.

Then the goal is to stick with this plan you make for 30 days and at the end of those 30 days you don’t give up and start a completely new plan.  You assess what worked for you in the last 30 days and what didn’t work for you and then tweak the next 30 days based on that. There is no drama in this, just data.

And what this 30-day timeline does is ensure that you give your plan enough time to work.   That you gave your plan a chance to actually succeed and you don’t scrap the entire thing after two days when 2 days was never enough time to actually evaluate the data and see what was working and what wasn’t.

Because there is no magic solution that you can snap your fingers and implement to see overnight success with your Etsy shop.  What does work 10 times out of 10 is you creating a plan, implementing it, and sticking with it for the long haul.   Not making massive changes to your plan every few days or every few weeks hoping for overnight success but making small changes so you can measure the results and know what is really driving the results that you’re getting.

So if you’re someone that tends to chase that shiny object syndrome and jump from plan to plan hoping that the next tactic well be the one that works for you I encourage you instead to come up with a 30-day plan that you feel will be reasonable, easy to be consistent with, and most importantly actually fun for you and your business and your customers.   Then commit today to sticking with that plan for the next 30 days and actually giving it a shot to work for you and for your business.

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