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Sarah Waggoner

The 5 best social media posts for Etsy sellers

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We all know that social media is one of the quickest ways to start getting sales on Etsy. And Etsy loves it when you send your own traffic to your shop! But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. What do even post about that is going to get some traction? Keep reading for the top 5 social media posts that you can make for your Etsy business.

Meet the Maker

The best part of being a small business is getting to know your audience and letting your audience get to know you on a day to day basis. Buyers love seeing photos of you and learning more about you. Monthly meet the maker posts are a great way to connect with your audience about topics that you’re both interested in. Tell them some fun facts. Introduce your family. Talk about something you really, really love. Let your audience connect with you.

Behind the Scenes

Running a small business is actually more interesting to our audiences than most makers think! Take a video of you making your product. Show how you package orders. Post a photo of your (most likely messy) office. Let your audience in to your day to day life of running a business and making products. It’s going to show them how much you care about your craft.

Lifestyle Images

Every single one of my best posts have been lifestyle images. Customers want to be able to envision your products in their home or on their body! And having a modeled photo or lifestyle image for your products helps them do that. You can create your own or work with influencers to get some that are perfect for your shop.

Customer Reposts

Have some images from past customers? Get to posting! Future customers love seeing testimonials from past customers. It helps develop the “trust” factor in the know-like-trust equation. If past customers are happy then future customers know you’re actually sending a good quality product.

How To’s

This isn’t a DIY situation. But your customers need to know a lot of “how to’s” when buying your product. How do I take care of this? How do I style this? How do I clean this? If you’re getting the same how to questions from customers on a monthly basis then help future customers about by talking about them over and over again on social media!

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