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The Best Way To Make Your Etsy Shop Stand Out

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Etsy (along with the entire internet) is saturated. So you’re probably wondering how to make your Etsy shop stand out. Keep reading for my list of the best Etsy shop tips for rising above your competition because selling on Etsy is easy, but standing out isn’t.

Create unique items

It’s easy to hop on Etsy, do a search for some popular products, and make something similar because that’s what’s selling, right?

Unfortunately, there’s no reason for Etsy to test you in the algorithm and no reason for potential customers to purchase from an unreviewed shop if you are making the same products as everyone else.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to put your spin on the trends in your niche. This will keep you ahead of changing trends, instead of always chasing them.

Find a creative process that works for you and put some different stuff out there.

Even as your shop gets busier, creating new products should remain a focus to avoid hitting a plateau in your shop sales.

Pick the right keywords

Good Etsy SEO starts with keyword research. Getting found in Etsy search for keywords that convert is the easiest way to stand out and get consistent sales.

Pick keywords buyers are using that aren’t too saturated then make sure to format them in a way that helps your Etsy search ranking.

Professional photography that wows

Gone are the days of being able to throw up crappy product photos that look like they were taken on your basement floor and still get sales on Etsy.

The reality is that many Etsy sellers are taking photos in their basements. I do! But you’d never be able to tell and that’s the key.

Professional-looking photography can be as simple as using natural sunlight on a white background. But your photos need to be perfectly in focus and looking like something a buyer would want to click on.

If you struggle with product photography, keep it simple and hold off on using props for now.

Click here for more product photography tips.

Add a fun video to your listings

Etsy isn’t the only platform that has been pushing video in the last few years. With the introduction of Instagram reels and TikTok as a social media platform, your marketing efforts should include more and more video content each year.

Etsy allows you to upload a 15-second video to each listing. You can use these videos to stand out from your competitors. Here are some ideas for video content in your listings:

  • Behind-the-scenes content that shows your making process

  • Close-ups to show product details

  • Lifestyle videos to show how your products fit into a buyer’s life

  • How to use digital products

  • Styling tips for home decor

  • Care instructions so your buyers know your product is easy to use

Videos can be repurposed for multiple listings or used on your social media platforms as well. They also help increase customer trust because potential buyers are more clearly able to see what they’ll be getting from you.

Learn more about what makes a quality listing on Etsy in this podcast episode.

Create memorable branding

The great thing about being an Etsy seller is that your branding doesn’t need to be perfect, but if you’re looking to stand out, branding can be an easy upgrade to your Etsy storefront.

Hiring a graphic designer to create a logo, shop banner, and custom graphics can go a long way in helping buyers remember (and recommend) your shop.

Capitalize on your competitors’ bad reviews

One of my favorite ways to do competitor research is to look at the bad reviews my competitors have gotten.

Do you notice buyers mentioning something repeatedly? That’s your chance to jump into the market and offer a product that buyers can’t get elsewhere.

Maybe your competition makes drinkware that isn’t dishwasher safe or offers a digital product that buyers find really hard to use. Focus on how you can improve upon what they’re doing.

Fast and free shipping

Buyers love free shipping. That’s never going to change. Stand out by offering free shipping with processing times that are as low as possible.

Make it easy to shop

Potential buyers don’t want to work hard to purchase from you. Use these tips to make shopping easy:

  • Listing photos should make it easy to see what you’re selling on Etsy. Don’t include too many distracting props in your product photos.

  • Use sections on your shop page to help customers find products in the same product line

  • Don’t use keywords that aren’t relevant. You don’t want to confuse customers by getting found in Etsy search results that don’t apply to what you’re selling

  • Your Etsy listings shouldn’t look like a garage sale. One product per listing, please.

  • Have a consistent pricing strategy. There’s nothing worse than seeing the same product being sold at multiple price points in one shop.

Etsy ads

Etsy advertising is a great way to stand out in search results, but only when you’re able to make them profitable.

You’ll want to advertise products with a great conversion rate to get as many sales as possible when you’re paying for each click. Click here to learn more about ads for your Etsy shop.

Just be you, ok?

I can give you all the Etsy tips in the world, but one of the most important factors to standing out is to just be you. Sometimes standing out can be all about being you to attract the people who love what you’re all about.

As a small business owner, you want to show your personality, in your product listings, social media posts, product photography, and email marketing.

Post content that shows off your unpopular opinions to keep your audience engaged.

Sell your products in a way that’s fun for you.

I promise you’ll get more sales from an audience that knows the real you better. Even if you think you’re boring or basic.

Conclusion: How to make your Etsy shop stand out

If you’re struggling to increase sales and get your Etsy shop to stand out against the competition, pick 1-2 of the Etsy tips mentioned in this article to focus on. You’ll be attracting new customers and getting found in Etsy search before you know it!

Need more help? Get even more tips for standing out, getting found in search results, and finding new potential customers in the Seller Collective. The Seller Collective is my Etsy membership that has helped hundreds of shop owners increase their Etsy sales efficiently and effectively. Learn more and join us here.


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