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Sarah Waggoner

The Perfect Number of Listings for Your Etsy Shop (2023)

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Listing quantity is an important part of your Etsy strategy. So how many listings do you need in your Etsy shop to be successful in 2023?

Why the number of listings matters

Etsy as a platform is unique in that quantity is just as important as quality of listings in getting more traffic to your shop. But it’s not just having a lot of listings, it’s creating quantity through full product lines. When you have full product lines on Etsy, you’re telling the search algorithm that you’re more important for that set of keywords. Learn more about product lines in this blog post or listen to this podcast episode.

Is there a magic number of listings on Etsy?

Despite what you may have seen in the Etsy seller forums, there is no magic number of listings that helps you grow on Etsy. You will find, however, that as you add more listings you will get more traffic. That’s especially true if you’re using an SEO strategy that follows Etsy best practices.

How many listings should you have on Etsy?

How many listings you should have in your Etsy shop depends on a few factors. Let’s talk more about the factors that influence how many Etsy listings you need.


The demand for a product is how many buyers are searching for it. When a product has high demand, you don’t always need a large number of listings to rank for buyer searches.

Here’s one note of caution though: Don’t pick a product to sell solely based on demand. It’s important that buyers are searching for what you’re making, but it’s even more important that you love what you make and who you make it for.


The competition for a listing is how many Etsy listings are ranking for the search terms that you’re trying to rank for. Competition for Etsy listings can be anywhere from a few thousand to millions of listings. In general, searches with less competition will be easier to rank for and you won’t need as many listings in your shop, but the demand for the product influences this number too.

Your SEO

By following Etsy best practices for SEO, you’ll need less listings in order to start getting found in searches. Make sure you’re using keyword phrases that your buyers are actually using to search for products, make sure to match your titles to your tags, and avoid using single word tags.

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